3 Introduces 3junior-Safe Child Subscription

Phone company 3 now introduces a mobile subscription for the smallest, where safety and security are in focus.

Phone company 3 has developed the product, a mobile subscription 3junior targeted children as young as pre-school age.

The subscription must make both children and parents are comfortable, and therefore has 3 developed 3Børnesikring that protects against over use of data and prevent access payment numbers, content rate text messages, international calls, roaming and buy on pages with adult related content.

3 has also been in dialogue with the Media Council for Children and young people, on the development of a guide to parents with children between the ages of 9-12 years, type 3 in a press release.

3junior costs 79 dollars per month, and includes a one-hour speech, free sms and mms, 300 MB of data, as well as free “3 of 3”, so the child and parents can always rings together, if the parents also have subscription with 3.

3junior sold together with 3 child safety, which is free, and which is automatically linked to the subscription.