4 Ways to Apply Eyeliner

Today I give you some tips on how to apply eyeliner on the eyes, trying to get a clear line and determined and avoiding those horrible smear. It ‘clear that we must take into account a little’ practice: what will be hard the first few times, as they take the hand, it will become increasingly easy.


One of the easiest techniques to try is to hatch the agreement to make along the eyelid, as close as possible to root of the lashes, the small dashes with black pencil or eyeliner starting from the inner part of ‘eye until you get to the outer one.
Then you’ll have to add the hyphens between them obtaining a sharp and fine line.
Make sure that dashes thickness in both eyes are equal, otherwise the result will be a strange and unnatural look.


The second technique for applying eye-liner requires the use of a simple teaspoon as that Coffee: you can use it as a ‘ruler’ by placing it at the outer corner of the eye and drawing a line upward. This way you will get a “cat’s eye” effect perfect. But even in this case, believe me, you have to practice a lot before the result is at least acceptable.


Let’s move on instead to scotch technique that is perhaps the only one that ensures perfect results even at the first rehearsal.
First you need to make sure your face is well cleansed and dry. Then you have to take a small piece of adhesive tape about two centimeters (it is recommended to apply it first on a surface and re-remove it many times to make him lose a little ‘glue) and apply it to the bottom of the eye as close as possible to’ outside corner. In this way even if the traced line should not be perfect, by removing the scotch the result will be flawless!


It solves one of the biggest demands of all time: how to apply the eyeliner! It ‘easy… They’re real! Pushup liner embraces the lash line. See false eyelashes tips on http://www.societypically.com/2016/best-mascara-to-make-eyelashes-look-longer-and-thicker/.

Draw a perfect line will be play by girls! The more the line is close to the lashes, the more the eye will look great thanks to They’re real! push-up liner!

And for a striking look, complete your make-up with mascara They’re always real to Benefit San Francisco .
Natural eyelashes so long not to believe them to be true.
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Apply with the brush provided
for bushier eyebrows immediately! To remove eye makeup remover They’re real. Try it.