58 Percent Refuse to Sell Phone-no Matter What

Almost six out of ten Danes would never sell their mobile phone, no matter what they may be offered for the, new study shows.

The mobile phone is not only become an integral part of most Danes everyday. Many of us are directly dependent and will not rid us of the electronic Swiss army knife-cost what it will.

This is one of the conclusions of a new study by security firm Symantec.

According to the company figures show that nearly six out of 10 Danes would never sell their mobile phone, no matter what they may be presented to it.

1,010 dankere were asked to indicate what they would sell their cell for in six increments. Intervals got between two and eight percent, while the seventh response – “I would never sell my mobile phone regardless of price”-got 58 percent. You look isolated on the age group 35-54 years, the figure was 65 percent.

It is therefore strange that ‘just a little’ 36 percent of Danes indicates that they are “addicted” to their mobile devices and will never renounce them. Our site has sought answers to this difference, and the message reads that it “technically is another study in which there participated 500 Danes together with over 10,000 in other European countries”. In addition, there must therefore be no question of it due to the fact that “mobile devices” covers wider than cell phones.

India tops the list, when 68 percent are addicted, but the Netherlands occupies last place with 21 percent.

… but your computer will be

In spite of the many Danes self-proclaimed addiction, though, it is inclusive, who would let the mobile devices push the computer out in the cold.

69 percent of Danes would not give up on your computer, no matter how sophisticated mobile units will be.

The survey also shows that three out of ten Europeans have experienced losing a mobile device-either self-inflicted or due to theft. It costs on average a Dane 762 dollars to get a new cell phone and 1066 dollars to replace a tablet, figures show.

When the accident is out, Danes are particularly worried about expensive bills due to telephone conversations (48 percent), or making purchases through their lost or stolen phones (33 percent). 18 percent are worried that people in their address book can be contacted.