7 Decorating Ideas for Halloween Pumpkins

Who says Halloween Pumpkin said. To put your interior colors of the scariest holiday of the year, while remaining chic and sober, Côté Maison has selected you decoration ideas with 7 pumpkins. The emblem of October 31 is available in several colors, patterns and materials … Your turn!

7 Decorating Ideas for Halloween Pumpkins

For Halloween, be creative without being overbearing. With these 7 photos Pinterest, Côté Maison shows you how to create a Halloween universe with pumpkins. A pattern in a chic interior, wicker in an entry, adjust the pumpkin to your home.

1. Colorful pumpkin for indoor chic campaign

It begins with the (very) sober. A minimalist but effective Halloween decoration. In a country chic interior with wood and light colors influences, paint your pumpkin the same tones. We love this green pumpkin pistachio reminiscent cushion and lamp. As the picture, please put your pumpkin in a basket by combining it with other vegetable elements.

2. Autumn leaves and pumpkins for a Halloween decoration on top

An autumn breeze blows in this interior! We love these pumpkins Wicker who refer to floor. To respect the tradition of Halloween, do not hesitate to add a real pumpkin in the batch. The interior blends well with the autumn colors: bronze vase and gold from the convenient sublimate leaves. To fill the tank, go for a walk in your garden or in the forest to dig for beautiful branches. To animate stair ramp, create yourself a garland of leaves: find a great tape on which you glue or staple of autumn leaves.

3. Pumpkins graphics, fantastic Halloween

It is a favorite decoration that it reveals here. The Recycling ideas’ are great, including those paddles painted, giving a seaside spirit at the show. Here the most interesting remains the Halloween decor. The idea to paint small pumpkins giving them graphic patterns is great. In addition, they refer intelligently cushions. Deposited in a wooden saucer, your home will be in the spirit of October 31.

4. Draw on pumpkins for Halloween graphic

No, you do not have to paint your pumpkins. In this inside for example, or black and white prevail, orange pumpkin gives a punchy side of the room. The patterns made on the pumpkin provide a graphical touch and recall the graphic lines of the carpet. Simple, effective, decorative idea that makes your design and modern pumpkins.

5. Make a Halloween decoration

And if we created an English cottage corner for Halloween? A chic, a little retro Halloween party supplies really do with Internetages, you can not do without. We love the baroque spirit given by the gilt frame slate. Prepare your chalk, and play a pumpkin top. The banner on the frame brings a festive touch. Take your pumpkins and put them in your dresser. Very good idea to turn this cast iron casserole basket to collect flowers, pumpkins and lamp.

6. Celebrate Halloween in a dark world

Returning to the fundamental Halloween and give a scary side to your interior. The idea is for motivated, but it’s great! Empty your library, reproduce parts of a dead tree on pumpkins with markers, to achieve this great result. It remains for you to integrate your work in your shelf.To add a touch creepy, plastic crow on the windowsill of a scare over.Happy Halloween!

7. Enjoy the cozy interior for Halloween

Simple but effective, these pumpkins are perfectly matched with the white and gray anthracite cozy lounge. One remains in shades, here, no frills. For pumpkins, two options are available to you. First, go for the purchase of two fake pumpkins, preferably white. We love the metal, which adds an industrial side. Otherwise, comb your real pumpkins in white, giving them a touch brushed to recall the factory side of the coffee table.