8 Steps to Nail Degrade

The nails are a basic element to be able to look very feminine, but to be able to give a much more daring can follow these shapes to paint nails decorated in animal print you can make.


Decide which design will choose to draw the pattern on your nails.

Base color

You can choose to paint your entire nail with the base color – which in this case would be the orange- or do it as a French manicure.


Remember that to maintain a uniform finish, it is always ideal to put two coats of enamel and wait 15 minutes between layer so it will have some imperfections.

Spots or streaks

Then paint black stripes or spots of brown to give the touch of spots or stripes that is home to the one of an animal.


You can also opt to put different colors, either base turquoise blue or simply the French manicure white.


To highlight each of the spots or lines, remember that you outline them with enamel in black, so give you greater depth to the design.


If you want to give it a more sophisticated touch to your nails, you can add a few stones.


At the end, you must not forget to put a coat of clear enamel to give you a finish more shiny and full of life.

Nails animal print are a must for the season, you can use different colors like neon, pink and grey or black, depending on your clothes and taste.