Alcatel OneTouch Watch-The Cheapest Smartwatch [First Look]

This year’s first smartwatch, Alcatel OneTouch Watch, will be a cheap bid on a Apple Watch alternative.

Smartwatches will be predicted a bright future in 2015, so light even to multiple mobile carriers must reinvent itself in years, as it is no longer enough simply to produce mobile phones-which must also concentrate on other product types in order to remain relevant in the new year.

One of them is Alcatel, a brand like you maybe ærindrer, but who, after a pause and a purchase of Chinese TCL, now makes retreat in Denmark. 

The message is unique from Alcatel OneTouch’s European Director, Yves Morel, the regeneration of Alcatel will take place on multiple tangents. He joins ‘Our brand can be compared with groups such as LG and Samsung, which offers products for all your home shelves, from television (Thomson) of mobiles, tablets and now also smartwatches

A circumstantial on branch is so smart clock ‘OneTouch Watch’ which debuted at CES at the beginning of January. Agency draws on influences from a number of rivals, but makes it an extremely accessible price-under a thousand dollars.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch specifications

Goals: 41 mm diameter, 10 mm thick, 49 grams
Screen: 1.22 inch IPS display, Gorilla Glass
Battery: 210 mAh
Storage: 4 GB
Networking: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Sensors: Gyro, compass, accelerometer, pedometer, optical pulse meter
Moreover: Built-in USB charger iOS or Android 4.3, available in silver or black, IP67 water-and dustproof


Round and sporty companion

At first glance, there are many design-drawing parallels between Alcatel Watch and the market’s first round smartwatch, Motorola’s Moto G.

You find the round metal frame with a black circular display. Alcatel-Agency, however, is built up, with a simpler black border that eats up much longer over the display. The clock is also considerable less and will at the same time, unlike Moto G, not actual overgrown on a damearm.

The watch is both lighter and smaller, but high-quality appearance is not far removed from its more expensive cousin, in a more sporty cast. Læderremmen is the wreck for the benefit of a plastrem, which feels more cheaply, but has advantages, for example, when there is trained.

At the same time makes it that the belt can hold its own USB port. In other words, it is ending with docks, cables and other necessities that are too easy to forget at home.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch holds most sensors one yourself-tracker could wish for. Here is a heart rate monitor, barometer, altimeter, gyroscope and accelerometer. It can therefore collect a lot of data and lead them on to your mobile. Equipment list is rounded by an NFC chip for mating and Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

Both for Apple and Android

While we’re waiting for Apple’s own smartwatch – which simply offered Watch, Alcatel bid so the first watch with a circular display that can be paired with an iPhone or an Android.

The software is developed by Alcatel itself and consists in a bundled app that brings together the Agency’s information and gathers them together for an overview of today’s activities. The transmitter at the same time, your notifications to the wrist and gives you control over your phone’s music player and camera.

The software itself resides currently in the embryonic stage, it was therefore not possible to draw too many conclusions yet, but initial impressions are positive. Icons and menus is simple, color-coded and Dragons clearly on inspirations from both iOS and Google’s Android 8 5.0 Lollipop.

Alcatel promises even to the operating time will stretch over 2 to 5 days depending on use, which is better than average, but so must get a try when we get a more complete version for testing.

A potential bargain?

Alcatel is conscious about their name ever is relatively unknown. Therefore lay much of the challenge in making a smartwatch into a sharp price to lure new customers.

This part of the mission is managed for Alcatel’s Danish Director, Soren Kragh, assures that the Agency will get a debut price of 999.0-crowns at the launch in March.