Apple Introduces Additional User Verification

Apple introduces now a extra user verification, to ensure their customers against cheating and fraud.

Apple will now, like so many other IT companies, do even more for, to ensure its customers against fraud and theft of personal information, writes our site.

This should be done by introducing an additional user check that ensures that the user is the beneficial owner of a particular Apple ID.

Apple ID is Apple’s nickname, used for URf.eks. login to iCloud and to purchase via iTunes.

Users must request associated with that extra level of security by turning on it under the administration of Apple ID.

When the user then logs into a new Apple device, an additional verification code will be sent to one of the user’s other units, either as TEXT or a message through Find My iPhone – Verification Code entered on the new device, which is then ready to use.

The service is not yet ready for the Danish Apple users, but be deployed right now in the United States, among other things, England, Australia and New Zealand.