Apple Puts an End to Exploitation of the App Store

If you are using the loophole in the App Store, which offers paid apps for free, too often, so stop Apple you now

Since the new year have one without having to specify a reason able to get money back for an app, but the app remained on your iOS device. It has given the opportunity to get apps for free, which would otherwise cost money, but the gap has now put a stopper in the Apple.

If you exploit this loophole for many times, so will the App Store see it as an attempt to cheat their to free apps. Then will be greeted with a message that if you want to continue with your purchase, so we hereby disclaims the 14 day return policy.

Under EU rules, companies well remove return law on digital goods, as long as the customers are expressly made aware of it.

We will in Apple’s case be made aware that if you download the app within the 14 days, so you will no longer be able to cancel the purchase. The automatic download of purchased apps will also have been turned off.

Before one has been appointed in order to get reimbursed for many apps, so will the message, however, did not show up, and everything will take place, as it usually does.