Apple Watch Comes to the United States in March

Sources tell that Apple Watch will hit the stores until March in the United States, after prolonged uncertainty about the date.

Apple has long announced that Apple Watch will get ‘first in 2015’ in the United States, and the rest of the world has been given the rather wide time frame that simply called 2015. Now it sounds, however, that in the United States will be able to be purchased from Apple Watch March.

Multiple sources tell to our site, to selected employees from Apple stores around the United States will have training courses in February. Then they will then train their colleagues, so Apple’s stores are ready to tell about Apple Watch, when the Agency comes up for sale in March.

It is already some months ago Apple unveiled the clock, and time should be agreed among other things to Polish the interface and the charging mechanism.

The American site stresses that this is the current plan, and that there can be unforeseen things that can move through these plans.

Apple has revealed more and more things around the clock, which is one of the upcoming products that have the greatest expectations in the baggage hold. As there are still doubts about the U.S. launch date, there are obviously still no news about a Danish ones, but it may take a while, from the American consumers will get your hands on the clock until we do in Denmark.