Apple’s App Store Was Selling for $ 15 Billion in 2014

It is not a small sum, which will be traded for in Apple’s App Store, at least not when you put them together.

There is money in the apps, if you hit the right idea, and with many apps follows many money. It is one of the reasons that Apple in 2014 beat the record for the most money spent in their appportal, App Store, and the total sales amounted to 15 billion dollars-well 94 billion Danish kroner.

To it belong, that for every penny that is spent in the App Store, Apple will get even 30 ear, and therefore has the App Store Apple well earned 28 billion Danish kroner.

It pales a bit when you consider Apple’s total sales, which amounts to over 1.1 billion Danish kroner, but the App Store is relatively easy and painless to maintain. There are not many expenses associated with the App Store, so Apple is likely to be extremely pleased with the outcome.
The year before, the total sales in Apple’s App Store at 10 billion dollars, so it is an increase of 50 percent, which may be said to be quite nice done. The app Store is also up on that offer over 1.4 million apps.

In Apple’s press release, where these figures were spread out to the world, the Americans also writes that the first week of the new year has been extremely good. Alone in the year’s first seven days have App Store sold for nearly half a billion dollars-around 3 billion Danish kroner.