Applying the Nail Polish on Toenails

Take care of yourself sometimes threatens to become a stress. Such as when you decide to put the glaze to the toenails, but you make those little mistakes that will ruin all the work. It must be said, however, that even for the best of beauticians, this is a step of pedicures, which requires calm, patience and meticulousness. Better to learn these 8 steps!

Spring at the gates, and already the first open-toe sandals and ask us to be worn. Let us prepare ourselves so with a thorough pedicure and a glaze that enhances our foot.

To spread it out, don’t be scared by the unacceptable position where you have to get, rather take it as a moment to relax, it’ll be fun with these simple and foolproof 8 moves.

  1. Have a seat:The location is very important. Better if comfortable as a sofa, or even the bed; the important thing is to protect them from any drips and stains with towels. Same goes for clothing. Wear something comfortable that you are not afraid to get dirty. The glaze will obviously applied after a pedicure that’ll smooth calluses, cuticles thoroughly eliminated EHEALTHFACTS from the edge of the minx nails, and applied a cream.
  2. Apply the separator fingers:Should be used to space out your fingers and make the job easier. If you don’t have one put some cotton wool balls between your finger and the other.
  3. Supports the enamel jar: avoid keeping the enamel pot with one hand, even though it may seem more convenient is rather cumbersome, if you leave it propped up on a plane, you can use one hand to hold the brush and the other hold the finger during application.
  4. That Polish?The right amount of product is such that the brush is well soaked but not dripping.
  5. Parties on the right foot:Start from the right or left? It seems a silly question but it is important. If you are stretching out the nail polish with your right hand little finger of the left foot, and then initiated by the thumb of the right foot, so you won’t bump and staining the nails that you have already painted. The same applies if you use your left hand, right foot, Pinky and initiated by the thumb of the left foot.
  6. Learn the technique: Let’s cut to the Chase.What is really the right technique for applying the nail polish on the nail? Favorite first of glazes not too dense, because they are more difficult to put species for a non-professional. Technically we must start putting out some product at the center of the nail slowly from top to bottom, then the product which remains as dense at the sides lies in turn first on one and then the other side. When you place the brush on the nail, do not start from the junction , but leave some “millimeter” of space (mm is figurative) between the nail and Board, visually it is cleaner. The beautician generally, having laid out all the product does a work done on the tip of the nail the cross way so as to play its section.
  7. A perfect Board?One of the things that makes sharp, clean this work is to get the edges of the nails without smudging. What’s more odious indeed, Polish that dirty the surrounding areas on a well-groomed foot maybe with a nice tattoo? And then he goes smacchiato with acetone. To avoid this, a trick easy easy is to apply an oily product only on the “freeboard” (the one surrounding the nail) using a small brush and get it going on the nail (because the latter would facilitate then soak up the glaze). In this way, if you have any smudges or stains, it will be extremely easy to delete them simply with a wipe.
  8. Wait patiently for dry: even the latter step is among the most important.Often the disasters are committed right at this stage. It is important to wait until the nail polish to dry well without moving, that’s why the operation is made not just before you leave! You can also help you with a small fan to speed drying, Spray drift or some hair-Nail Polish.