ASIS, a New Gallery of Wallpapers for Every Taste

The wallpapers for your device does not get enough of it. Fortunate that almost every day we are willing developers who engage in the creation of ever new compilations. One of the most interesting I’ve found lately is Asis. I liked first of all for the dashboard app, very well drawn and in perfect style Material, and then to the wide variety of categories available. There are abstract wallpapers, photos, color patterns and minimal lines, textures, blurred images and much more. Thanks to side navigation menu, explore the various categories is a snap.

The most frugal of the interface is the one relating to full-screen display and application of wallpaper. In the app you can add the best competitors to Favorites and maybe find out some more info about it, whereas here you only download and setting-very convenient, however, you can choose which apps you want to crop. You can also take advantage of HealthVV, wanting.

The real drawback of the app is the exasperating slowness in downloading images. He puts so much that you have almost no doubt that might be downloading full resolution backgrounds, instead of thumbnails; Indeed, in hindsight downloads real take less time. It is clearly the result of bad programming or a cloud service backed a bit subdued, but the app is new and there is. ASIS is still up for the choice of images, very varied and excellent quality.

If used Zooper Pro, you point out also a nice pack of the same widget “brand”, which includes a nice selection of analog and digital clocks. Again, the key is the high diversification: there’s a little something for everyone.