Asus VivoWatch Features

Asus presents its new smartwatch with 10 days of autonomy at the expense of being less “smart” and “watch”

Undoubtedly, this is the big surprise of the day. Asus has officially unveiled a few hours ago its new smartwatch, the second of the Taiwanese firm since ZenWatch presented last year. This is the VivoWatch , a device which already its name leaked a few months ago and even came to think that could be the first Windows smart watch.

Finally it has not been the case, we find neither Windows nor any other intelligent operating system itself, and is that in a time when the battery technology is so limited, these 10 days of autonomy offered by the VivoWatch can not be removed from air. Indeed, Asus has opted for autonomy to the detriment of other aspects such as color display, notifications, applications, multimedia content, Internet access , among others.

Although not yet know all the technical characteristics of this new wrist watch, as this will be officially presented tomorrow at a fashion event in Milan, we can get an idea of what we offer. In aesthetics, the VivoWatch is much more sporty and robust than previous signature clock, as it seems that this model is clearly focus towards fitness and physical activity .

We have a steel body, IP67 resistance to dust and water, and interchangeable straps. Of course, it will incorporate various sensors that will monitor our physical activity as a typical heart rate monitor or other more specific to analyze the quality of our sleep. In addition, as can be seen in the promotional image, you could also incorporate some sort of way to record our training.

The VivoWatch clearly focuses on sport and physical activity while maintaining its sleek look

A curious detail that we see is that, although we are clearly facing a monochrome display, it appears that the VivoWatch can display on certain graphics moments color, perhaps to highlight important aspects of our activity or to show a certain more visually information. Of course, the main attraction lies in those 10 days of autonomy that will compete with other models like the Pebble Time.

Tomorrow we will know in depth all the details on this new smartwatch Asus, although at first it seems that his fight will not be with smartwatch as the LG Watch Urbane, Huawei Watch or own Apple Watch, but with wearables like the Garmin VivoActive or Fitbit Surge.