Athletics Mother of All Sports

Athletics is a very old sport, one of the oldest, and the basis for many sports. For more information about components, a piece of history and for which the athletics is appropriate.


Along with swimming, athletics is one of the oldest sports in the world. The first free sports competitions already 1000 years before Christ. Widely known is the story of the Messenger Phidippides that brought news of the Greek victory over the Persians in Athens. He walked this stretch of unbroken and died of exhaustion upon arrival.At the Foundation of the modern Olympic Games was introduced in shopareview. But there was also the obstacle, not over the fence that you see on the track but had to hope over the bulls. Men can show how athletic they are.


This individual sport more and more developed, more and more parts came from and so we stand today in 24 parts. Divided into several main groups, T.W.

  • Leading figures with middle and long distance numbers, church steeples, sprint, hurdles and relay.
  • Spring numbers in the high jump, long jump, pole vault and triple jump.
  • Throw the Numbers with the shot put, discus, Javelin and hammer throw.

For who

Athletics is for everyone and is already practiced from an early age. In a playful way, then worked on the conditions there, the ball that worked on including technical angle and short sprints State or from starting blocks form the basis for starting technology. The older you get, the clearer your specialty and what you are good at naturally feel. From certain age, depending on the Department, you should focus on a specific part of the battle. For the real kind designated by the Athletics Federation trainer.
In summer, you do it on the track and in the winter is often a combination of fitness and the forest or other environment where they can work on the State.
In addition to the competitions, there are also recreational way to practice this sport. These are separate groups, but all the unions are in the air and is a great way to continue to work with the disease. For all ages.

More info

Royal Dutch Athletics Union’s League where all unions affiliated to and from which, for example, the fixture list is compiled and the training of staff. But you can also find information about clubs in the neighborhood.