Autumn Fashion for Men and Women 2016

There is a large number of urban cultures, but today are Hipsters and these have taken a wave vintage and retro. If you consider yourself one of them or want to know who they are and how to identify them, here you have a list with the Visual features that characterize them.

Refusing the old garment

Hipsters are against consumerism and worry about the ecology, therefore it is time to review your closet and take out what you already believe you again not to use, no matter if you have large or small with a little imagination you can give a wave, the important thing here is to not spend too much.

Zero brands

As mentioned in the previous point hipsters worry consumerism so if you will go to buy clothes you should avoid brand shops or from famous designers as it is it goes against their ideals, they opt to go to local flea markets.


If there is something that defines them and very well they are the glasses they use, with a wide frame, while wider better, if your view is perfect does not excuse not to use them, many choose to remove the lens to the frame and use it as well, another option is to get the lenses without increase.


There are men’s accessories that can not miss; gloves, hats, scarves, etc. In the case of women used necklaces with pendants of animals, cameras or figures, rings, enamel color pins for the hair, neon, long socks, flowers.

Sweatshirts and T.shirts

All Hipster has in her wardrobe, a wide Hat sweatshirt, and the T – shirts are part of her daily Outfit , no matter if they are old or new, dirty, clean or deslavada, as between more watered-down has more wave. Something that characterizes this part of the styles is that the setting might have, ironic phrases, images of animals or landscapes, floral vintage, stamped with names of bands, or geometric figures.


Women tend to have long hair and it always looks natural and carefree but they have spent hours in front of the mirror for trying to get it. They can use it collected, loose or chongo, is something like the perfectly tousled hairstyle. In men they something that characterizes them is long and bushy beard, hair no matter if it is long or short.


With men it is easier to them of are recognized by their classic Reeboks, Vans, the popular Toms or combat boots. In the case of women use cowboy boots, boots combat, a wide variety of comfortable sandals and flats .

Jeans, leggings and Shorts

Women in the majority of cases will use leggins or jeans piping and waist, shorts short with long leggings to complement, or dresses style vintage or flowers. Use narrow jeans for men.

It should be remembered that here is it does not worry if clothing combines or not, we must have the courage to use them for the pleasure that is what we want for that day.