Available the Flyme 5 G for Meizu Pro 5

Punctual as by advances of the last few hours, came the Flyme 5 G for Meizu Pro 5smartphones officially released last year but that pretty much only now can really be reviewed. We are trying the official firmware for a couple of days and compared to the preview made in 2015 the improvement is there and it is obvious.

New products are many and are indicated in the blog post meizumart. Ve is given below:

This update introduces Flyme OS 5, with lots of news graphics and functional. The update also introduces greater stability and fluidity of the system with a smart Manager performance and temperatures in order to optimize the health of your system and save energy.

Note: synchronization and notification functions may be delayed or be disabled due to some changes and some optimizations in the phone’s memory management. Manage the new Flyme app closed and jobs will end will free the memory accordingly. If you want some processes are running in the background, please, open the app, tap on “Accelerate” and then to “settings” (top right). Here you will find the “Whitelist the acceleration of memory”, a list where you can add any apps that need to be run in the background. Recommend putting app like Whatsapp Messenger and Facebook.

Flyme account has been temporarily removed from your system. With future updates will be introduced on new account Flyme dedicated to international clients and based on new servers are also dedicated to international customers.

[Home Screens]

  • Floating notifications: notifications can be displayed in floating mode without interrupting ongoing operations;
  • Multi-screen mode: starting from the list of open apps you can use two apps at the same time in multi-screen mode with adjustable size (only supports some apps).
  • Available icons: icons can be selected and moved in batch mode (including folders) while pressing on a Home screen and selecting “arrange icons”;
  • Shake to order Home screens: the icons in the Home can be ordered quickly entering arrange icons mode and shaking the phone.

[Lock screen]

  • Lock screen music: covers and texts of songs can be shown directly on the lock screen;
  • Notifications shown on the lock screen: In settings > notifications and status bar, users can configure notifications and decide whether to display them on the lock screen, if displaying the content and if you make a new notification lights up the screen.

[Notifications bar]

  • Optimized layout: the notification bar will show, in the absence of new notifications, all toggle. In the presence of new changes will be displayed instead of just a few toggle, but you can show them all with a drag downwards;
  • Notification Management: In settings > notifications and status bar you can manage notifications and priority;
  • Optimization: Updated GPS toggle icon;
  • Optimizing: optimized brightness adjustment.


  • Floating notifications: incoming calls can be shown as notifications floats.
  • Composition: With a scrolling you can switch the screen to dial a number to contact list;
  • Inventory posting list: In Phone Settings > users can view the recordings of phone calls;
  • Change keypad: In > Phone settings, users can change the input method, passing the full keyboard with T9 keypad;
  • Changing incoming calls: incoming calls can be changed by pressing the volume button.
  • New feature: contact details page you can tap on the avatar to view it in full size.
  • New feature: added the function “remove from blacklist”;
  • Optimization: recording playback can be controlled with the control buttons of the headphones. Click Next twice to hear the recording Panel or click it three times to the former;
  • Optimization: missed call notifications have highest priority;
  • Optimization: rejected calls and number of rings are shown in red.


  • Creating GIF: the camera application now allows the creation of animated GIFs;
  • Date printed: from camera settings you can now enable the printing of the shooting date on photos;
  • Flash: the last settings you choose for the flash will now remember the camera app;
  • Manual mode: added options for saturation, contrast and white balance.


  • Home page: the Home page of the Browser has a new design;
  • The layout of the tabs has been optimized;
  • Adding the toolbar (bottom) for easier navigation.


  • New design: The phone’s settings page has been completely redesigned and reorganized;
  • Volume management: you can now adjust separately the three volumes in settings > Sounds > Volume and vibrates;
  • Power management: new interface with separate display hardware and consumption;
  • Default apps: default apps > Apps > Default Settings can be managed from;
  • Power management: added detailed graphs to monitor power consumption;
  • The settings can be used in multi-screen mode;
  • Optimized some guest mode options;


  • New playback interface redesigned;
  • Added several optimizations to the music application;


  • Photos can be added to Favorites for quick viewing;
  • Added the ability to choose a cover photo for each album, while holding the cover itself for a few seconds;
  • Added the ability to filter out small images to hide them from the Gallery, which is activated from the settings app Gallery;
  • Folders can be hidden from the gallery by simply pressing on them for a few seconds and then the button “hide”;
  • Through the Act of “pinch to zoom” you can switch from weekly to monthly view vision of the photos;
  • Editing photos has been optimized and improved;
  • Optimized function of setting up a new background;


  • Adding the new application Toolbox. More details are available here.

[Task Manager]

  • Add the new tabbed design for open apps activity Manager;
  • Add the new button to close all open apps;
  • Each tab corresponds to a open apps can be “locked” by holding onto it, so as to remain open even in the event you terminate all other apps with the appropriate button.


  • Added graphical changes, new features and optimizations to the following apps: documents, security, Painter, calendar, Memo, Video, watch, calculator, SMS;
  • Added tags and various optimizations to the system;
  • Added new animations and visualizations in various parts of the system.
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