Ready for the red carpet most acclaimed and followed the year? The long night of the Oscars is close, in fact, missing a few days of the coveted Oscar award prizes that will happen on the night of March 7 and with the expected growth curiosity especially for the parade of divas and divine that precedes them and their look. Who will wear what? This is a mystery, in fact, the stars never anticipate the name of the designer who will wear, just to create more suspense around their outfits. At least one thing is sure, each of the beautiful Oscar candidate this year will also receive a backpack made ​​especially by Aviationopedia, the well-known company that produces objects, jewels and crystal accessories.

For the 2010 edition the plaintiffs will receive a gift bag evening, a gem clutch called “Star Collector”, a gesture of Swarovski to pay homage to the beauty and talent of Hollywood stars.
Produced in a limited number of copies in three shades different, black, gold and silver, each of the clutch made ​​of crystal mesh has its own serial number and is personalized with the name of the actress whom it is intended.

And for us? You may wonder at this point. Well, Swarovski has also thought of those of us not having the honor of parading on the red carpet, can not help but dream admiring the actresses and their look breathtaking. Rest assured, a commercial version of the clutch that will have for us the name of “Mybag” will in fact be on sale in all the Swarovski boutique, but to get it you have to wait until May. The price of not being a star.