Ball for Pregnancy

More and more women are using the ball for pregnancy . But what is it and how to use a birthing ball?. Thanks to this ball will help the expectant mother to have less back pain both during pregnancy and during labor.

The birthing ball is a ball for rehabilitation, usually used in both exercises either bone and muscle for the treatment of trauma and in various kinds of gentle training. The main feature of a birthing ball (or even a physioball according to AllCityCodes) is in fact to enable body posture and support fully amortized the pelvis to the spine.

In this sense, the use of ball for pregnancy is ideal because it lightens the diaphragm area allowing for better breathing. Also the use of the ball allows the mother to be comfortably resting. For whoever tried both during pregnancy than at any other time of physical activity, know what kind of relief it is. The physioball indeed relieves the joints and allows you to rotate your hips.

What is the birthing ball?

A ball from pregnancy differs from other types of ball because it’s made with materials resistant to bursting, such that if drilling is able to deflate slowly, rather than a bang. Some balls to pregnancy have a non-slip finish that hangs to the floor. Most are made of PVC and are latex-free.

When you buy a ball for pregnancy is always a good idea to check on the label the measures not to find himself with a ball too small once inflated. Must be 65-75 cm once inflated. Ideally, your knees should be about 10 cm further down than the hips when you sit on it. As a general rule is that:

  • If you’re up to 1.73 m is best to use a ball 65 cm.
  • From 1.75 m up is better to use a ball of 75 cm.

It is also possible to buy the peanut-shaped ball that tends to be a bit smaller and can help you stay crouched during exercises.

As a birthing ball

First you need to inflate the ball so that it is stable when you press on it. If the ball is too soft may not be effective and safe. You can then use a pencil to make a mark on the wall so as to inflate the ball to the height that suits you. For example, if you’re below 1.63 m it may be more convenient to inflate the ball and 60 centimeters.

Put the ball on a carpet, rather than on a smooth floor. This will make it more stable. The first time you sit on your birthing ball, it is better to have someone with you to support the ball (especially in the late stages of pregnancy). This will give you a chance to get used to balance on it. Make sure you wear non-slip shoes or socks. Better yet, go barefoot.

Once you’re sitting at home, place your hands on your knees and try to swing your hips from side to side or backwards.

The ball can now be used to sit comfortably while working or relaxing or doing exercises.

Also, while sitting on a birthing ball make a mini workout: bouncing on it gently, my stomach and back muscles will work to keep upright.

Use the ball to pregnancy is a fun way to improve your posture and balance, and to exercise the muscles of his belly. This helps the body to sustain the weight of pregnancy. You can also protect your back, and help you get back in shape after giving birth.