Beauty Tips for Petite Women

Nowadays the Petite women can look elegant and fashionable, only they should take into account some beauty tips for Petite women. For that I recommend you read in detail, all the information that contains this interesting article first seen on

For example; some beautiful jackets or blazers adjusted and ranging to the height of your hip, they are recommended for styling your figure. What you should always do, is to use jackets that are short and side stop those that fit under your hips.

It is also very important to recommend women Petite, if they can use clothes with prints, but when prints are discrete. If the garment has a very large print, you will provide your body more volume and will look more chubby, mostly shallow.

To pretend that their legs are long and give a high, look I recommend you purchase and acquire those pants that are dark and straight. So it can gain more height and make your figure look more elongated, always use your dark and straight pants with heels, especially having an outdoor tip.

Other tips from

* In your closet should not miss some leggings and some skinny jeans, because they are items that really if they can lengthen our silhouette.

* It is a good idea that the lower part of his body and the waist, use volume. Because you can remove stature and make him look shorter.

* If you like to wear skirts, I advise you to opt for those that come up to his knees and let side skirts that are out of his knees.

* Do not buy and use accessories that are very striking, since they can make you look more chaparrita. Remember, if you’re short you lose use necklaces too big and also put aside the big bags.

More important tips for Petite women

  1. all Petite women should opt for garments that have vertical stripes, because help lengthen the body, but if you’re short and skinny, do not use them. For example; for a night of partying, use a short dress with vertical stripes and combine it with some cute high heel shoes.
  2. is better than if you’re a shallow woman do not use clothes with prints, especially great prints and opt for discrete prints. Large prints make make the body look more quietly.
  3. to visually lengthen your legs and look higher, opt for wear skirts and jeans that have a high waist cut. To avoid seeing us smaller, put aside the sweaters and blouses bultosas.
  4. all the clothes you buy should be your exact size and if they are not your size, send them to the tailor to fix them and it fits them to his stature of his body, thus will be high and stylized.
  5. all costume that uses a short woman, it should be used with shoes that have heels. You can also use flat shoes while using short skirts.