Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

Belkin has done an awesome keyboard case a little better, and there are now available for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1.

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for Ipad was a really good skin when we reviewed it earlier this year. Although there were few details we bothered us we still feel in retrospect that we were slightly stingy with a rating, for keyboard skin has really grown in our eyes.

Now there is a kind of generation two of the shell also available to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 tiotummare 10.1. The downside to Android tablets is that keyboard shell is something of a rare commodity due to the sheer variety of plates and form factors available in Android, so it’s fun to see new products in the field.

The plate is pressed firmly in a fairly steady metal shell with a cut-out hole for the camera, IR eye and all of the buttons, and plastic shell is the backbone of the whole design. The other end of the shell consists of a surprisingly comfortable keyboard that also acts cover to the shell in the folded position. The cover is held in place by a perhaps a bit too strong magnet, but on the whole it works really well.

The thing with the shell is that the keyboard is turned off until you click in the flat part in any of the three magnet mounts located above the keyboard. Instead of deep grooves are the three modes now discreet dash of metal shell, which is a much nicer done. Only then activate bluetooth and a second later it’s just typing. It works really fast and stable, and in combination with the fully sensible the keys, it is seen as a very good skins over the law. All special buttons still reached via the function key instead of separate buttons and we are a little spoiled with the mouse pad that Asus Transformer series boasts, but it is after all the small details in this regard.


Name: Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

Battery life: 260 hours