Beoplay A2 Design Gem with Unmatched Audio [Test]

Review: We have tested BeoPlay A2-a portable bluetooth speaker in great design with great sound.

A box from the B & O Play came a day out on the editors. As the first raised a small kind of wonderment, for what has B & O Play to offer mobile users?

The short answer: BeoPlay A2-a portable bluetooth speaker

B & O I immediately associate with top-class audio and design at the highest level, so why dare the illustrious Danish company throw themselves over a speaker based on bluetooth?

But first a little background information: BeoPlay is a brand under the B & O, which caters to the slightly younger segment, with products in other materials than the more traditional from the B & O, and in a more accessible price range.

The distinction between B & O and BeoPlay, however, can be difficult to understand for an ordinary consumer, since BeoPlay A2 at the top is adorned with a B & O logo and does not bear the term “BeoPlay” or B & O Play-on the contrary, there is a small sticker on the bottom, where it says: “Designed by Bang and Olufsen Denmark”

Beoplay A2 using bluetooth 4.0, promises CD-quality, and perhaps that is precisely why dry B & O engage in to make a speaker based on this particular technology that promises higher quality.

Design in excellence

With BeoPlay A2 B & O Play shows that they do not compromise on design here is available in three different colour variants: black, grey and green.

We have tested the Green variant performed in dusty green plastic and metal, as well as a reddish-brown leather strap for transportation.

The design is classic, retroagtigt and reminiscent of a military or home guard treasure from 60′ ies.

The design is always a factor when looking at the B & O ´ s products, and BeoPlay A2 from the B & O Play is no exception. You can either like it, or think it is too much to pay for design. There is no doubt, however, that the design is also part of the product in BeoPlay A2, which costs 2,499 crowns.

A lot of money for those who only look for specs and prices, but very affordable for those who appreciate the Nordic design and quality.

Beoplay A2 has about the same thickness as a thick novel and weighs 1.1 kilo-in other words, not quite the same easy format as other bluetooth speakers on the market. B & O has never alleged that the Play would be like any other, and the physical size makes that BeoPlay A2 can present an entirely different sound than you are used to, when we listen to music from portable speakers.

Only small anke I have in relation to the physical design, is the instability there is in the speaker. The answer a little to make a book up for grabs on a table. There should be only a little push to before it gets over balance and fall over.

The best portable sound

Beoplay A2 is designed as a 2-channel power amplifier, with an impressive overall amplification at 180 Watts.

B & O Play user True360 audio technology, which provides a uniform lydspredning all the way around the BeoPlay A2 – And it works great! I’ve had BeoPlay A2 with at the Office, in the kitchen, in the shed and on the children’s room. All spots have been unmatched sound, clear and well balanced. I have simply not seen or heard other portable speakers in the same size, deliver a corresponding clean sound. It is the crème of the ear canal!

It is possible to distort the sound in BeoPlay A2, if you screwed up for volume on the cell phone and equivalent on your speaker. A parameter that has been difficult for B & O Play to manage but should have found a solution in a product from a Hi-Fi manufacturer in the world class.

Anything superfluous is cut away

Fully in line with the B & O and the B & O Plays design line is all superfluous cut away. It gives a more minimalist expression and an easy operation.

On BeoPlay A2 found only three buttons: Power, Volume and Bluetooth to open the connection to your phone, tablet or computer.
There is also input to the charger and a line-in, if you want to connect the device with the cable.

Beside these entries sits a USB power outlet, so the user can charge your phone by tapping into the power of A2’s internal battery.

Beoplay A2 does not have as many other bluetooth speakers the ability to answer phone calls, insert memory card with music files or play radio – all this is cut away.

Beoplay has also cut to the bone in terms of included accessories. There is thus no pouch or similar for storage or transport package includes speaker with leather strap and charger.

In return you get a speaker that is super easy to operate and pair with mobile or tablet.

The devices paired simply by pressing the bluetooth button on the A2 and visa versa on the cell phone.Then comes BeoPlay A2 forward on the cell phone and the connection can be established. Not once have I during the test had problems with connecting or maintain this. It works every time.

A day of continuous playback on one charge

B & O Play advertise BeoPlay A2 contains enough power for uninterrupted music playback in 24 hours. I would think it will fit. I have not had the receiver for practical reasons to play 24 hours in a row, but three working day playing in the Office fits well with a minimum of 24 hours of playback.


As reported on, have BeoPlay A2 with the following specifications:

Size: 4.4 x 14.2 x 25.6 cm
Weight: 1.1 kg.
Battery: 24 hour playback
Audio: 180 watts of amplification, 2 x 30 watt digital amplifiers
Colors: grey, black and green
Connections: Bluetooth 4.0 and 1 x line-in
Price: 2,499 crowns

Conclusion – Quality, design and price are linked

You can’t get around that BeoPlay A2 from the B & O Play is a small desingperle with a single expression that makes it coveted for gourmets and music lovers.

The sound is excellent compared to other bluetooth speakers, and the long battery life makes BeoPlay A2 to the ideal companion on the terrace, the skater ramp or outing. Take it anywhere and enjoy the good music on the go.