Best Toys for Babies

Tech toys . For the development of the child can make new types of such a category of objects, such as bus, train, tram, sleigh, cars with seats inertia machines.

Soft toys. This category of toys is probably the most favorite of most kids. Often the child will fall asleep with a soft teddy bear, rabbit, or seals.

Toys that show common items. At this age, added to the type of toy. What children need arranged objects in daily life? This can be a fireplace, extra dishes (pot, kettle, skillet), bedding (duvets, pillows, mattress, bed sheets).

Educational educational toys. In this category of toys are the ones that develop fine motor skills, thinking skills, perception. After 18 months, the child can be offered in the ear cups, boxes, inserts, mosaic with large feature, set of strings, lacing.

Bench printed games. In this age of the child may already make cut pictures of 2-4 pieces.

Musical toys . With their help, the child develops auditory attention, verbal ability (phonational) breath, a sense of rhythm. Offer him a drum, tambourine, flute, musical hammer, a whistle or glockenspiel.

Benefits for graphic operations. You can buy special markers for children from one year, finger paints, chalks for drawing on pavement. Well offer your child an easel, as children of this age, it is more convenient to draw on a vertical surface. In addition, you can buy for a special barnmodel children do not stick on the hands, as well as boards for sculpting.

Develop coordination and agility

One of the first sports activities, which can take the child throws the ball and ice skating. For the second year of life the child shall choose light, small balls (10-15 cm in diameter), the best rubber, which is conveniently enough, to keep both hands and throw. For the child handles are perfect for pleasant to the touch, felt, fabric, woven and knitted balls. Do not select balls are brightly colored and toxic colors, better to give preference school, but calm and adorable colors.

First with your child learn skating ball sitting on a carpet. Then you can throw the ball in different directions. You can then go on to “soccer”, teaches the kid kicks the ball. Also

The ball for the physical development of the child is good to buy trash, some sports equipment, such as stall bars, ladders, rings, slides, swings, benches for walking.

Buy toys better on their own, without involving the children. At the age of 1-2 years, he still can’t focus on one of them. The kid will ask him to buy all the toys that catch the eye, and cannot understand why he denied it.