Big Mouth, Much Behind

The N71 is compact and is easy to operate, scores with a fat telephone facilities. So it ends up in the top 5 of our Smart phone rankings.

Phone functions
In the test the tri-band smart phone especially when the telephone functions trumped up and creamed off the full number of points. It offers a plump phone book that allows for up to 44 information per contact and can accommodate over 1,000 contacts. You can also use voice dialing and voice command, choose between six changeable environment profiles, and create up to 20 custom profiles.

Data functions
You can wirelessly Exchange data with other users via Bluetooth, infrared, UMTS or GPRS. Wi-Fi does not offer the N71, sure but USB 2.0 using a camera above the display, you can also see your telephone counterpart via UMTS video telephony. The N71 comes with a 128 MB memory card. Delivered themselves of them still use about 90 MB for your own content.

PDA functions
Missing we have support for Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF files. Also a word processor would be the N71 to shame. To the typical PDA, the QWERTY keyboard or a touch screen is also missing the N71. Otherwise, there is a solid PDA fare. Everything important on board is starting with notes on calendar with alarm function to E-Mail client. You can match appointments and tasks with Outlook contacts, notes, software. Our 1,000 test contacts were synced well two minutes.The possibilities to create your own folder for SMS & co., to make individual menus and to set shortcuts that make the individual companion the N71.

Provide variety are the built-in 2-megapixel camera, as well as the player for audio and video files. Fun is the N71 as an MP3 player. Can be helped by Equalizer further to jump-start the powerful sound (via headset). Also, Nokia makes an adapter for 3.5 mm jack plug with in the package. So you can plug your own headphones supplies.

We would have liked a little more attention to detail. Especially the crackly folding mechanism and keys this too deep into the housing tarnish the image. Lame performance also occurred in the test us. Two seconds can ever pass after the selection of a menu item before what happens. The data transmission between PC and mobile phone is anything but lame. In only six seconds large test file ended up our about 3 MByte on the N71. Thanks to Symbian (Series 60), this compact smart phone is also easy to use.

The Finn with a staying power of just under three hours at full power, a medium value in comparison to other smartphones completed the test. This convinces the acoustics on the phone as well as on the landline side. The communication of the interlocutors was in danger at any time. Voices sounded but somewhat thin, but still easy to understand.

The N71 ousted his immediate relatives (Nokia N70) of the fifth of our Smartphone rankings. Especially the full functionality of the phone and the prallere multimedia facilities provide for better placement.

Who has to write much, have to edit Office documents and Wi-Fi afloat in the network or the Internet want spark, should consider our current Smartphone leader. That Nokia E61 Although dispenses with a camera, PDA brings but in the area significantly richer experience.

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