Black Makeup Eye Shadow with Shadow in Place of Eyeliner

Makeup products are things that mess with the feminine sense of women, so have everything that will help maintain a quite beautiful on several occasions is something they seek, so always buy everything needed to use makeup on all oca siões and not ugly at the time of the flashes.

There are various products on makeup that really are essential and without them you can’t turn around and do something similar, as the base. There are others who, in some situations you can substitute for other more affordable options that give you good effect similar to what you could do with the product, like what occurs with the eyeliner.

To make outlined there are no options that you can choose according to the occasion and the need! Without doubt is the most versatile of the makeup that can be more easily replaced, because even with a simple black eye pencil, you get the effect that is a basic item of every woman’s makeup product, especially for the evening.

Another simpler way to make a beautiful outlined eyes is using black shadow, see tip:

-Get a black shadow of your preference and a liner brush (the thinner used to delineated), wet it and apply in the shade by rubbing a little if need be can add a few drops of water in the shade, to facilitate the process. After that sketch out the eye normally.

The quality of the outlined will depend on the ability for your design and the quality of the shadow which will give him strength and durability.

If you are a little short to invest in a good eyeliner, these options work quite right in the eye.

A good eyeliner is not difficult to find, can be even in perfumeries and costs from R $15.00.

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