Toddler Room: Colors and Shapes

When creating a baby’s room, we think of soft colors and tranquility for the sleep of the little ones, or for the nursery, it’s time to think of shapes and colors that stimulate them to play and develop! Let’s see ideas for space?

Colorful And Safe Bed

The little ones already go to bed alone, like to listen to a story before bed and have their little corner colorful and comfortable. For this comfort, it’s cool to think of youthful beds with side protection and stuff them with pillows and pillows with fun themes. There are lots of non-allergenic boom pads and creative shapes to inspire kids to sleep alone and with fun.

Find pillows of various themes, materials and formats here.

Strong And Vivid Tones

Every child feels more stimulated with more vibrant colors, so the play areas then nothing more encouraging than a mix of bright and lively tones. So that the environment does not weigh, mix pastel colors or neutral tones in the base with colored objects. The contrast makes the room nice to sleep in, but also perfect for the fun!

Sticker Is A Wildcard Piece

To change the environment from baby to toddler with a few steps, in addition to changing the crib per walk and the dresser by cabinet, wall stickers give the touch to the decor following foodanddrinkjournal! Choose motifs with animals, characters or icons that are the taste of the puppy. The room quickly transforms and is a low cost change.


Children’s room is no longer just a place to rest in the afternoon and sleep at night, it is the room of the joke and the make believe! So that the little ones feel invited to play of cart, doll, school, painting and all that is analog, what about putting together an auspicious space? Think of EVA or soft rugs to sit on the floor and organizers to make the game easy and always at hand.

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