We Studied The Biodiversity of Your Office: 7 Specimens That You Will Find on The Job (Classic and New) and Which Learn from Them

Contrast that with friends, the family does not choose it you. And to coworkers that you have touched in luck (or bad luck). But it did not see it all as bad news, because There is always something to learn from people with whom we spend more hours throughout the day. Even many good things.

1. the serieadictos

Every morning you have to enter your office dodging spoilers, when what you would really is encountering a coffee Dill’s front. It is one of the inconveniences of share office with this new species that feeds on seasons every night and you need to analyze every detail of what happened in the chapter that saw.

Your collection of themes is pretty low… Mmmm, vale is only reduced to what series you are seeing, what series think to see and to do a review of all the series they have seen in the past.

What you can learn from them:

To start, You can stay up to date the latest in television without bothering to see it. Of all. Something that comes Super when you work in some sort of creative profession and you can not work without controlling what happens in the audiovisual world.

And when you decide to sign up in any enterprise of Television à la carte you can have someone close to you who has already made a preliminary study of what are the companies with more benefits and better value for money.

2. the foodies

While others mordisqueais distracted an Apple or an asco-sandwich of the farebox next to the elevator, they boast of their chicken tikka massala with cilantro and served with caramelized Apple, black rice and over,… they enjoy butt.

Recognize it: his obsession to find out what oil mogollon what better hits this salad (picual, aberquina, etc.) you bored the last thing you want is to get into a discussion on the tannins of this wine brand, and the eyelet is going whenever they unpacked the food in the dining room of the company.

What you can learn from them:

His concern for a healthy life, eat well and enjoy the good things in life are a great source of inspiration. Throw a little thread and you will have a professor at kitchen 24 hours at your service. Much better to call your mother whenever you forget the garlic chicken recipe.

3. the obsessed work

They are those who come before you every day. And it will after you. Making you look bad all the time in front of the bosses. But the worst thing is that during the time between input and output work as some UN-threaded, always carry your e-mails a day, news of the sector have brooded and have planned how it could affect your business and other things that baffle you it would make any creature that does not have a super computer brain.

Sometimes you have the impression of living in his office, it would be logical as they are the floors in your city.

Care with them because the workaholics often block processes, considering that their presence is essential for the proper performance of the same.

What you can learn from them: A workaholic is a person who loves his job and puts all his passion on it. Have by the side a person so motivated will also inspire you. Learn how to sell as well as they are sold.

4. the evita-marrones

Go running through the halls as if eternally they arrived late to a meeting that no one has called and, to make it clear what stressed that are, can’t explain the mess that have up to voices. The reality is that it is its strategy to avoid getting them more work over.

And although they complain that they have a thousand things to do, its mountain of work have barely fallen in months. To change they have updated their social networks. Not as yours, that are full of cobwebs.

What you can learn from them: Copy a couple of deterrent tactics will not come you badly if you’re the poor devil that drop you all your Office Browns. Nor is it of more if you learn to give importance to the value of your work and the time that you dedicate.

5. the inveterate travellers

His goal in life is to put as many tacks on his world map of House as sites that have been. It is an unhealthy obsession and you can just take them there or tell endless stories about this or this other trip. I hope will spend you so much time and to take care of both reports spell as does with their reviews on Trip Advisor.

What you can learn from them: For starters, you can learn to get the maximum out of your days free, How raise bridges and multiply the time as if you were a physicist in futuristic machines. You will also have the day of all offers, of course.

6. the runner

You have in mind their discipline of training to schedule all meetings. You know you memory long which is made and the dates of the marathons intending to run. Oh, and your anaerobic threshold, that is missing. But if up to the phone number that you gave in an accident is to your physical therapist instead of someone in your family…

What you can learn from them: The discipline of gold. This iron will. That dedication, snow or rain… is worthy of admiration. And that inspires you these days in more loose litter and dreams sound like nonsense. A runner gets goals and not dreaming to get them, struggling every day to approach one step further.

7. the fashionistas

You almost are afraid of entering through the door of your company every morning. With what will surprise you this time? They seem a few fantoches? You return to? be a confirmation that are passé total? And most importantly, you will know how to pronounce the name of the new fashion correctly or will again look like a memo like the time you tried to pronounce the word lampshading?

What you can learn from them: You don’t dismiss them or try them superficial. Be up to date on fashion requires much work, information, see many things, and even travel. And all that is vital information that any of your fellow fashionistas can share with you.

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