Body Jewelry Chain

Size body jewelry chain and the “it” jewelry sunny days …

The good weather arrives and the clothes will appear shortened leaving many skin areas of your body.

Emphasize your body with the big trend is happening for spring 2015: The body jewelry.

In fine weather, the jewelry is everywhere to accessorize the new textile spring summer collections, be it around a waist or to embellish an ear or even the top of an arm.

You will find to follow this trend in your accessories Factory store these three types of body jewelry.

Ear Jewelry, an original way to mark its difference!

You have pierced ears or not, you can wear ear jewelry. Currently very trend, often the jewel to ear “deposits” or around the ear flap.

Different colors, shapes and materials such jewelry really mark your difference.

Bangles, a touch of chic inatendue!

Another way to wear an original fashion costume jewelery is to wear the wrist but not around the arm. The arm bracelet will enhance any outfit with short sleeves but also evening dresses …

And the best for this summer, waist chain!

We started to see appear on last summer, they arrive in force on the edges of sea, beaches and clubs with swimming pool, you will be delighted with our bodies string selection from simple waist chain or jewel body necklace / size single chain or jewelry with pearls at cheap price.

Moreover, these channels may also feel with your evening wear necklines … Success guaranteed charming !!!