Calle Friberg: Fourth Stage in Bike 4 Peaks

Our site: there was a seventh place overall for Calle Friberg in Bike 4 Peaks.Here he talks about the final stage including a memorable monsterklättring and downhillbanan Wildkogel Trail.

Stage 4
69 kilometers and 1 800 height metres

The weather is still beaming down here and it helps a lot for motivation, logistics and General pleasantness. After a hearty massage the day before so it could get a little tough, I did with me. But because the legs bare concrete in stage 3, I had to try something to wake them And it turned out to be a good decision.

The last stage was just a bit easier on paper but which can be experienced differently:) It started on the flat asphalt walkways through the same Valley that we came in on the day before. It was attacked, but no one came right away. I was just trying to save energy and sit high up the best I could. I felt that my legs were better today.

The first climbing – that on paper looked like a less “powerbacke” – was apparently a rich Rascal on 400 metres of altitude. It was just to chew on the little blade until the bike began to raise of the slope with bike wheel lights featured on TRANSPORTHINT. Then start walking.
This led me firmly and swore over most of it. Once up and down rapidly in the same Valley again, we became a chasing group of eight, ten riders after five, ten kilometers had hunted up tight group.
Now it was just to shake legs, eat, drink and mental load for the last monsterklättringen on the 20 km and 1000 meters of altitude.

I released the dense group of seven, eight riders and found my pace. I got in me great with gels, drinks and a half energy bar (which is good), so I felt relatively refilled and found a good rhythm.
The climb was the first asphalt to be dirt road, since less dirt road which became steeper and steeper. I drove past the South African Daryn’s Little and then Tim Böhme, just before the Summit.
Now it was just a famous downhill called Wildkogel Trail all the way down to the bottom in Neukirchen in which the goal was.
This, of course, I thought downhillas! Really cruel, technical funny path was. And even if I’m safe: ade a bit so I drove up and past the three pieces on the way down. Really fun with a good feeling! Fun so into:-)

Became 6th at the stage and advanced to 7th place overall. Which I’m really happy with! I aimed and believed in a top-ten, and it was there, too. With a little liquid so maybe a 5-6th placing had been possible but not more but a different preparation.

Colin became the 51st today and 49 overall.

We really have had a great week with fun stages, good weather, good support, good hotel, good food in the hotels and on the so-called “pasta party, and minimal job on our bikes.

After the stage, we and the Team the Bulls now relaxat on the hotel, sauna, hung in the pool, sunbathing, eating Wiener schnitzel. Seems like a nice way to conclude this discharge.

We now have just come down from a restaurant on a mountain in the Alps, where the closing ceremony and the party was fantastic great conclusion!

In the morning we draw together with Karl and Tom from Team Bulls back to Kirchberg to peek at the course of the Marathon World Cup that goes there about three weeks.