Calle Friberg: Second Stage of Bike 4 Peaks

Our site: What goes up must come down. And over 1 000 meters of altitude on downhillbanan in Kirchberg could Calle Friberg pick multiple placements. In the second phase of Bike 4 Peaks, he finished on fifth place.

Calle Friberg:
“Hallo Leute!
Then we were in Austria and the day featured sunshine and around 20 degrees. Again. It helps with clothes, heating and everything around when we have limited support. However all cred to the Team the Bulls we have dealing and other help from.

Stage start was at nine instead of at ten o’clock yesterday, and with my 7th place yesterday I got to stand among the 15 first called up ten minutes before the start. Very nice not having to stand in their trap in 45 minutes and wait.

After a short 65 km distance it went up fairly straight, and I could sit in the dense group of seven, eight man in just over half before me and Tim Böhme was forced to let go.
We still kept them within range and joined just before the Summit. Then followed a relatively flat, quick but cozy “transport” with snow-capped peaks all around us.
Well, I could see so much:) But what I didn’t see was the guy who’d langa me my first bottle, but I got the Nice husband the small bottle I started with until I finally got a new one at 40 kilometers.
A bit tricky it there when it is in the same group as one or two passages from the Bulls, and this alone pushers should give bottles to three men.

The idea was that we would get another bottle before the last brutal finishing the climb, but the second dealer was caught in the traffic jam and didn’t get up. So it was just to run on, press in to gel and hope for the best. His legs felt like that at platten before, and I thought “Oh, this can go bad without liquid and with legs that are protesting.”

The final climb was about ten kilometers long, and 1000 meters of altitude would be affected. The legs were not better once it started to go up, but somehow I pulled myself with more and more fell from the large group that had been formed before the climb.
I then released the winner after just a couple of kilometres to try and find my pace. It is as well not to mygla itself with in 45 minutes.
I then came up with the German Robert Mennen (Topeak-Ergon) which had been released, and we ran together until it was some kilometres left to the snow-capped peak above Kirchberg. Some powerful was that we went through the Hahnenkamm downhill ski slope on the way up. It leans in here, I can tell you, hehe …

Well, topps waited the funniest thing on all day – a height of 1000 metres downhill all the way down to Kirchberg. Even if these marathonspecialister are often cruel way up, they are not always as cruel, so I had hopes of running up a couple of paragraphs on the way down. Which I did. Four it was. Check for how to buy a second hand bike. But the last man I never came by at the right tight downhillbanan. Much of it is on the same trajectory as World Cup-downhillen going on. Me like!

My charge resulted in a fifth place today, which I am super happy with. I was on the heels of the German Geismayr (Centurion-Vaude) four. Christoph Sauser won again ahead of Alban Lakata and Markus Kaufmann.

Colin from Colorado had a slightly better day today and were 45: a – good job!

Now we charge to orka from Kirchberg – or “Kirchan” as we say down here;-)
All the way to the Kaprun tomorrow then!