Chanel Fashion Store

Fresh, sporty and pop: the Chanel collection f / w 2014-2015 at the Paris Fashion Week, designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

The talent of Karl Lagerfeld is not recent news. But few could have anticipated what theKaiser of fashion has proposed for the parade Chanel at Paris Fashion Week. With the exclusive Grand Palais, in the center of the Parisian capital, it turned into a supermarket .Shelves, desk and fruit crates are included. Products, of course, all brand double C, like baskets and trolleys. And even the speaker’s voice that invites viewers to sit down and stops with its ads. Soundtrack for the fashion show, songs of Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Chanel f-w 2014-2015. Benvenuti allo Shopping Center

Two divas of pop, and not by chance. First, because the points of affinity between Lagerfeld and Andy Warhol are pretty obvious. Second because the woman Chanel in this collection has a very strong vein sporty, with models that come down from the catwalk and living space-in fact, one newspaper and popular space as that of the supermarket. In sneakers white or psychedelic, often glitteratissime, but still very comfortable, or boots flat laced to the knee. In metallic leggings in rather cheap price, silver gloves and coveralls traforatissime. But even in warm coats tweed, suits and dresses in bouclé wool and quilted jackets, and, proceeding with the parade, dresses more and more precious, with embroidery or lame, and jewelry chic extras.The palette? The gray-dark, cold ice and cold- the pink, varying in intensity, until the yellow, orange, cyclamen, green.

Pop, yes, but Lagerfeld

Lightness, but Calvin and kitsch becomes aware that maximum power against consumerism and the apparent flattening of products and producers, taste and attention. In short, the house Chanel-or rather, according to Chanel Karl Lagerfeld-is an intellectual operation that is similar, but opposite, to what we have seen on the catwalks of Dior and Prada-and who knows, maybe less close than it looks however, with that, all junk and street, the Moschino. And that works dually: as show, with the rapt attention of the audience and a wave of photos and comments on Twitter and Instagram, and as a collection, with clothes fresh and fun, and with us that the thought of wearing them while we are in a row the supermarket hear him all the magic of Mademoiselle Chane l. For how many trucks we have before.