Cheap Fashion Couture: Shopping at Low Cost

The fashion of the great designers really like it at all. But sometimes, indeed, most of the time, the exorbitant prices of most notorious clothing designers make us pass each want to buy them. And those clothes are only a dream, to be admired in the most prestigious boutiques. Unless they take the cheap chains.

For some time, in fact, the low cost stores team up with respected designers to create collections for everyone, even for those who have too much money to spend because salaries are too low. In this way we can have a designer dress in the closet without spending a fortune. This luxury is no longer reserved for the lucky few women, because now the couture has become low cost.

The Cobranding is a phenomenon that really like to all of us: the greatest fashion designers team up with cheap department store collections designed ad hoc for the occasion. That will make the happiness of every fashion addicted who cannot afford the exhorbitant prices of Haute Couture.

The phenomenon is well explained by Andrea Cereza, President of Assolowcost: “I think it’s an opportunity for them to finally play with a wider audience: there was more fun to produce for a niche so small as that which had arisen because of the extortionate prices of clothes“. And now thanks to this “boredom” proven by designers, we can use ourselves: “Spend the equivalent of a month’s salary for a dress, is now perceived as an injustice; In addition chains are adequate with a format of stores decidedly more stylish and attractive. In short, buy in the Department store is not a punishment but a pleasure“.

And we agree in full. So here is a little memorandum to remember all the biggest fashion designers who have collaborated with cheap chains. And needless to say: their leaders went like hot cakes in no time … With such occasions, we must absolutely take advantage!

  • H & M.
    H & M is probably the cheap chain more famous around the world. Great designers have lent their creativity and style. I still remember the long lines, from early morning, that were formed in the shops of the Swedish brand in the days of release of collections of important designers. We know then who has lent his name to H & M.

    • Stella McCartney.
      The fashion designer daughter, dad is in fact the well-known Paul McCartney, in a short time it became one of the favorite star designers. And also by the fashion addicted, who appreciated his collaboration with H & M.
    • Viktor and Rolf.

Even the designer duo Viktor & Rolf has collaborated with the brand H & M, which will remain forever in our hearts and in our eyes!

  • Roberto Cavalli .
    The Tuscan designer it is perhaps most famous collaboration was the case: thecollection of Roberto Cavalli for H & M was snapped up in just an hour!
  • Karl Lagerfeld.
    EvenKarl Lagerfeld’s collection for H & M went sold out in two days!
  • Comme des Garcons.
    The last brand in chronological order to have collaborated with the fashion brand that was cheap andComme des Garcons, which in mid November debuted in stores with her fashion collection, where we could buy blouses at 50 euros, 30 euros to 40 outfits, shoes and bags that did not exceed the 15 euro.
  • Oviesse.
    The Department storeMacy’s recently tightened cooperation with Elio Fiorucci. The Italian designer has created two collections for the chain Oviesse. An example? The skirts cost 25 euros, while less than 40 boots! An opportunity not to be missed …
  • Pierre Hardy.
    Even Pierre Hardy, the famous Parisian fashion brand that we hear every year its hyper shoes luxury, collaborated with Gap, the European network of shops. Last summer the shoes were put on sale and costs 80 euro: do you think that 500 models were sold every hour!
    And Gap, through the words of Stephen Sunnucks, wants to revive the partnership with Pierre Hardy.
  • Target.
    The Target stores are not far behind.So then they recently put up for sale a fashion collection created by designer Rogan Gregory. A line of natural fibres, whose heads were sold at prices ranging between 15 and 45 dollars.
    Target has also teamed up with Matthew Williamson.
  • Topshop.
    It is well known by now, the collaboration between the model Kate Moss and Topshop, with collections for everyone: glamour and fashion collections, without spending a fortune.
  • TeX by Max Azria from Carrefour.
    EvenMax Azria worked for supermarkets Carrefour, with its collection of Tex.