Choose LED Lighting

In this article you can read the characteristics of the new technology in lighting and how to choose proper LED lighting.

Choose LED Bulbs

At the beginning of September 2012 ceased to manufacture incandescent bulbs, so using LED lamps already is not an option but a reality. What concerns us now is to choose the bulb type suitable for the use we want to give you.

LED lighting

LED technology covers everything related to lighting, so it will be no surprise to find LED flashlights, cars and traffic lights or lamps for public lighting.

To make easier the transition from traditional or saving bulbs to new technology, manufacturers of LED bulbs, have decided to make similar designs physically to those used commonly by people and have made them with the same physical characteristics to not modify the electrical installation.

As foci that we have used throughout life, we have a wide variety of LED bulbs to choose from, with voltages and different types of sockets, so it is important to know what kind of light bulbs we have in house to which current connected and what kind of cap uses.

To choose lamp suitable for our needs we must take into accounts the following points:

  • Choose the desired brightness. You should read the packaging of the bulb to choose the desired brightness level, you can look at the watts to compare bulbs, for example a 12 watt LED light bulb is equivalent to 60 watts from a common light bulb. You will later present a table so that you can compare them more easily.
  • Choose from warm or cold light. The new LED lamps are also available in these two formats, so you must choose the type of light suitable for your needs
  • Type of Cap. You can choose between the standard base or the more common basis is the thread, it must be fixed very well on this detail so you can choose the base that is used in your home.
  • Choose quality bulbs. Although they are cheap, some LED bulbs are not of quality which will be useless soon. We recommend you buy LED lamps in standard sites and pending seals of quality, according to the country of manufacture.

Comparison between LED bulbs and traditional bulbs

The watts measurement helps us to choose suitable lamps, but measures of LED bulbs vary a bit of conventional lamps, that is why we offer you a comparison chart so you can observe these differences and allows you to choose the right.


Watts of incandescent lamps Saving lamps Watts Watts of LED lamps Brightness (Lumens)
40 8-12 6-9 400-500
60 13-18 8-12.5 650-900
75-100 18-22 13 + 1100-1750
100 23-30 16-20 1800 +
150 30-55 25-28 2780


Now that you have some data to identify differences in LED lamps with traditional lighting, you can be encouraged to change all your lighting to LED technology, you can buy LED flashlights or tactics on our website, for your convenience, you can create it from the internet with a wide variety of payment methods.