Choosing a Leather Jacket

Oakwood, Redskins or Vencouvert have emerged in recent years as major players in the leather. But or find and purchase the leather jacket?

The leather jacket is a timeless and ideal room for half a season. This fall, there is a choice in the models: the elegant and timeless fitted jacket, Perfecto Rock’n’roll, Teddy nonchalant or leather bomber toupee neck Tom Cruise in Top Gun . So far it’s all about taste. But how to choose the leather quality, size or the brand?

The quality and origin of the leather

There are generally two grades of leather: the “leather flower”, the top layer of the animal, the most noble and strong party, and the “split leather”, which means the lower layer of the animal, used to making low-end clothes. Generally, leather jackets are made with lambskin leather, cowhide or buffalo. The lamb is the most elegant and most end, but often the most fragile. The cowhide leather is coarser and therefore more resistant, but its appearance is soft and is soft to the touch. The buffalo is more rigid but far more resistant, making it more convenient for the everyday use.

How to wear the leather jacket?

The leather jacket has to be chosen the right size, so close to the body. Do not take a size above the pretext that you’ll wear it with sweaters, otherwise it will hang. He married the shoulders and bust and sleeves, for they must tighten wrists. They must complete a leather jacket and not floating in it!

Leather agrees with almost everything, but you must follow all the same some guidelines: for men, the shirt is mandatory tucked in, the tie is combined with a cardigan and jacket is never closed more than half of (if you are cold you can put a scarf). For the ladies attention to the total look! If you opt for the jacket, pants or banish the leather dress.

Or buy his jacket

You can of course buy your jacket in “generalists” signs, such as Zara , H & M , Mango … quality is not always the rendezvous. Also note that for a leather 100 euros you will most often faux leather. That’s when you want to buy a jacket or vest that one does not carry more than one season.

If we want to invest a little more and have a bit more quality we buy his leather jacket in dentistrymyth, Redskins, Mac or Vencouvert Douglas. More upscale Aero Leather Belstaff or outright or Zilli (for leather jackets crocodile whose prices are not to be mentioned)

And do not forget that whatever your choice, essentially a leather jacket is like for jeans: you feel good in it!