Choosing the Correct Sleeping Bag

You have decided to buy a sleeping bag? Good decision. Now, you realize that several options to you. There are so many details to consider. To help you make the right choice, here’s a little guide.Separated into seven parts, he’ll educate you so that you can really know what you want.And when we know what we want, life becomes much easier.

Choosing the Correct Sleeping Bag

1-Categories of sleeping bags


Bags for camping in hot weather or indoor use (refuge, summer camp, caravan). Often rectangular, but also semi-rectangulaires, sometimes even Mummy with flat Cap. Comfort temperature of + 8 c a – 1 c. Simple construction and most of the time isolated with the synthetic to make the price more affordable.

3 Seasons

The best-selling and most versatile bags. For hiking, camping, or simply to have one bag that serves several exits between the months of March and November.

There are a few semi-rectangulaires on the market, but the first choice is often the Mummy.Comfort temperature of – 7 c a – 10 c. Insulated with down or synthetic, their construction is also more technical.


Winter bags are the most important because by very cold temperatures, our body must be well protected. Manufacturers engage in a strong competition on the effectiveness, detailed construction and technology of their hottest bags. These bags are always Mummy shape keeping the warm air close to your body. We use them from – 15 c to – 40 c. Down for a better ratio weight/compressibility/heat but also sold synthetic. The latter are more economical but larger, even compressed.

2 -Types of insulation


  • Value of the most interesting.
  • They are more resistant to moisture than duvets, because their fiber is made of polyester which retains only 1% of its weight in water.Even wet, they keep warm and heat of the body can be enough to dry them. So, a choice so very interesting for campers in humid climate or Canoe-camping enthusiasts.
  • Some insulation designed for continuous filaments do not move.Combined a shingle constructions, this prevents the loss of heat by cold.
  • Synthetic insulation manufacturers, like Pima Sleeping Bags, are trying to produce synthetic fibers with the advantages of the down.
  • Very blowing, they store heat from the body.
  • Less compressible, the more high-end models are supplied with a compression bag to help reduce their size when stored.Their envelope can also be very light to compensate for isolating more voluminous. The short fibers are more compressible but more fragile. The continuous fibres will be more resistant but more bulky and heavy.
  • Durabilie reduced: synthetic insulation done by this affesser with the years and multiple cuts during the storage.Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the storage of the bag when not in use. Do not store at home in his bag of compression.
  • Heavier than down.However this argument is taken into account by hikers whose weight is an important element in their bag loading backpack. For casual, motorized or family campers, it is only a superfluous detail.


  • Down offers the best weight/compressibility/heat ratio than synthetic.Therefore, they are often recognized as the hottest.
  • ReadPcomfortable because light and flexible, they emmagasinnent right away heat from the body.
  • With good maintenance, they are durable to life.A wash is carried out according to the recommendations, more often, reactive properties of down.
  • Goose down is classified in quality and ‘fluffy’ by figures ranging from 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 850, and rarely 900.Higher the number, the better is the quality of the down. It is measured in inches cubic per ounce. Higher the number, the more down bulking and compressible. This figure has nothing to do with the heat but with its volume, lightness, compressibility and the fineness of the down. Bags that have a high grade of down provide better insulation for a lighter weight because we use fewer down, but thinner and more fluffy duvet.
  • Down is more expensive than synthetic.His long life in fact however a wise purchase.
  • He can not bear humidity.In contact with water, it becomes heavy, loses its insulating properties and mold can settle there if it is not dried immediately. To counter this problem, manufacturers offer duvets protected by coatings or membranes Mac-breathings; on the other hand it increases even more the price of the bag. A vapour barrier is an option that prevents moisture from the body affect the performance of the down on his side.
  • We chose not a down depending on the species of bird, but the environment in which it is high and to the maturity of the latter.Wet and cold conditions make react birds that wrap with a hot and thick hair. White down is more appreciated for its discretion and is thus sold more expensive.

3-The shape of the bag


The Mummy bag is lighter and is appreciated for its ability to keep the heat. More ergonomic, it sticks to the body and are quickly stores heat.It reduces heat loss and offers best value for heat/weight than a wider bag. There are however the habit and move WITH the bag has inside it, which can be uncomfortable.


Semi-rectangulaires bags, can be a wise choice. Closer to the feet, keeping heat, they leave enough space to move a bit if you tend to turn overnight. They are sort of hybrids. Not ergonomic enough for the very cold temperatures and sometimes too hot for the summer season.Excellent choice for occasional campers or claustrophobic people!However, they are rare on the market.


The rectangular bag is popular especially among travellers, campers and summer to shelters. It is often less hot, heavier and bulkier because used insulators are of average quality. Ample and economic, it is the perfect choice for the months of May to September.