Christmas Gifts “Pink Hope” by Swarovski to Fight Breast Cancer

Today we talk about breast cancer, prevention and how to help your search to find definitive and less invasive treatments, new techniques that can offer all of us a better future. “Pink Hope” Swarovski line is a very pretty, beautiful, good, created to raise awareness of all people, and not only women, the fight against breast cancer. Today I present a pretty keychain shaped pink ribbon topped with pink Swarovski crystals, I would say that is a perfect Christmas gift to do to your friends, a way to give a better future to all of us.

Starting in October, the month of prevention, the photionary brand has decided to support the LILT, Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer, which for years on the front lines to fight and prevent breast cancer and which operates non-profit, the association’s primary purpose is the prevention of cancer. the pink Hope line includes a Swarovski charm, a brooch and a pendant shaped like a pink ribbon and a pen, and the common denominator between all these accessories it is that they are decorated with pink crystals of various shades, which in addition to making these useful accessories to color our lives everyday, make us shine more than ever transmitting at the same time, an important message.

A glittering collection in which you can tap into for your Christmas gifts. We see the prices:

  • The ballpoint pen only 35,00 EUR coast.
  • The key ring with pink ribbon costs 70.00 Euros.
  • Necklace with pendant decorated with a pavé of Swarovski pink coast 85,00 €.

What do you think?