Clifton Engagement Rings

I do not know about you, but the generally speaking engagement rings are delivered in boxes that have the tendency to be too big! Difficult to remain discreet with this disproportionate cube in your pocket …
Yet you dream to make your request as in American films where you will leave inside your jacket before the casket to kneel.

On this basis, the designer Andrew Zo created in 2011 a prototype ultra thin case allows for discretion on the day of the occasion. After 3 years of research, the project becomes concrete and is marketed under the name of  Clifton.

A bit like a portfolio, the casket Clifton opens in two and reveals the engagement ring, turning 90% on a little before commissioning support.

The vintage ring is on sale on the site priced at $ 90 excluding shipping. Temporarily out, it was not until October to give you this jewel that can magnify your marriage.