Complete Guide to Choose the Perfect Bikini

The summer holidays are just around the corner, choose the bathing suit is not easy because you have to take into account several factors such as location, type of body, design, colors, and many other details to look sensational where you go.


Before you begin your search for the perfect bikini you have to know the kind of place where you will use it, the destination is of utmost importance to know the best choices of bikinis that we could use depending on the place.


Most common holidays are on the Beach, this place is ideal to carry different swimsuits and try to exploit to the maximum this garment, by weather conditions a trikini or smaller bikinis are ideal in addition help improve tanning.


There are people that go to cities on holiday but the advantage of the holidays is that hotels always provide us pools where we can enjoy and relax, choose the bikini for this place is an important step depending on whether the pool is covered, there are many people, etc.


There are different options of vacation in mountain, from going to a landscape snowy to a go to a hotter place to experience different activities such as cycling, in both places will have opportunity to use your bikini either in jacuzzi or a swimming pool, it will depend on the style and form.

Types of body

See what kind of body you have and learn to choose clothes that enhance your attributes and help conceal those parts of the body that do not favor you, is your body type and choose the perfect bikini for yourself.


Body Apple-shaped or oval/round is a body where to waist is wide, the prominent belly and lso small shoulders with broad hips. As more attention is focused on the middle part of the body the aim is styling, so you must use an a piezao tankinis swimwear halter as tight to the body, for the neck to hold the bust would be ideal avoiding bright colors, classic colors are yours.


In this body, the hips are wider than the shoulders, so the cheap bikini or two piece suit is the ideal but you need to have top push up to achieve the balance between hip and bust, the triangle bikinis are ideal to make your bust look larger and less wide hip , what is important is to make top striking while maintaining bottom in classic or neutral shades without prints.


In this body, there is a balance between the lower and upper shoulders and hips have the same proportion, any kind of bathing suit helps the body if you’re more daring can use a one piece or monokini with fashion as neon colors.


The important of having a body with a rectangular shape is trying to create curves so we must find bikinis with details such as fringe, colors bold, designs, prints, etc triangular bikini is perfect for this body, should avoid the strapless and at the bottom something ruffled to give shape to the waist.

Bikini models

There are many different models of bikini and each one fits perfect to each body type, so you will surely find one that looks perfect to you and with which you feel comfortable.


It is the traditional two-piece swimwear, there are different styles and models and one of its main attractions is that parts of different bikinis, can be combined to create completely different styles, for example, you can combine a top with cut halter with any type of bottom, whether one small and hip that helps you to highlight it , or a very comfortable short covering and give a sporty touch to your bikini.


This type of bikini, is ideal for those who enjoy sunbathing, you can do it without leaving marks on your shoulders or back by straps. In addition, if you have body triangle or little bust, the strapless will help you to give volume to the area, especially if the top has some embellishment or draping. Harmonizes a top strapless with a lower small and hip.

One piece/Monokini

More daring that want to stand out, also favour the bodies with little waist as they accentuate the curves are perfect for women. There are many models of one piece, since halter cuts that are perfect for those who want to highlight your bust, whether it be large or medium-sized, up to the cross braces that create a cute cleavage and give much support to this area. It is not recommended if you’re very bulky or have some belly.


This model is ideal for women who want to wear bikini and not show much skin. It is perfect if you have a little belly, or if you do not want to Tan too. There are tankini that combine small bottoms or shorts, as well as classic styles that have a cut low on the leg. Choose the Court with which you feel most comfortable and remember that what gives a special touch is the color or pattern that accompanies it.

Fashion colors

Colors can give you a hint and different to every bikini style, there are from the discrete and modest for anyone who doesn’t like to draw much attention, until the flashy and strong which will never go unnoticed, choose the one you like and stay with your skin tone.


These colors are great for discreet women who want to reflect much sweetness and femininity with her bikini. You can use your bikini top in a pastel color and the lower one classic and solid as black or white, remember that light colors increase volume so if you have a few hips and long bust, use color cake on the bottom and black at the top.


Neon colors They are very popular for this summer, are young, bright and modern, so they may not miss between bikinis. Tanned skin blends perfectly with these colors so do not hesitate to use them, especially if you like to highlight. There are bikinis including neon colors and prints such as lines or dots, these can help to give a more playful touch to your style.


Classic colors are always indispensable among our bikinis, whether to use both pieces together or just one to harmonize with tones more daring . These colors include black, white and more brightly colored as red or blue, that you are perfect almost any skin tone. The advantage of the classic colors is that you can give them life and different styles by adding flashy or stylish accessories.


Add-ins are essential to achieve the perfect outfit after having chosen the bikinis you will use in the summer, find all the Accessories you need to complement your look out and look sensational in any place.

    • Necklaces

indispensable for the triangle swimwear, long necklaces are the best to look with bikinis, prevents the chokers and necklaces statement. If the part superior of your top has beads or fringe then not necessary that you take necklace but you must put emphasis on other accessories.

    • Earrings

Long and colorful earrings are ideal for the beach since with hair loose or collected look sensational, if you wear bikini halter with thick strips prevents long necklaces, opting instead for a few short if on the contrary you’re wearing strapless then choose a few earrings large of a color that contrasts with your bikini.

    • Bracelets

The ideal is to use bracelets, so if you go to the ocean or the pool there is no way that your accessories are spoiling, large and colorful bracelets they are ideal for any type of bikini.


They sunglasses are a basic for the holidays, in addition to protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun and wind will help you improve the look on your vacation, the type of sunglasses depends entirely on your taste, but comes to choosing them in colors that can be combined with all your swimwear and holiday outfits.


The watch is an accessory that you may or may not lead on holiday but is very useful if you change your time zone, and to be on time when you have that out or go to a tour, it is ideal to carry one neutral colour which combines with all your clothes already is white, silver or gold and also is against the water especially if you’re going to places where you swim.


Holiday bag must have several characteristics, should be a bag that combines with all the clothes will use, which is spacious to charge enough, comfortable and to resist the weather where you are going, if the mountain are perhaps a backpack or messenger would be ideal for the beach or city Wicker bag might be your best option.


There are many styles that you can combine different garments for use bikini and be fashionable, from dresses to shorts that can complement to the bikini you chose.


For bikinis dresses are an ideal complement to especially if you are going to stay at the hotel, at the end of swimming or sunbathing dress will serve as a complement if you will leave after.


Denim skirts can be complement ideal with a shirt to complete the look of the bikini, if your bikini is one piece loose can only wear the skirt to wear swimwear.


The shorts have the same function as skirt, if you are going out or going to another place or beach then it is comfortable to wear with some top tank or t-shirt and under the bikini.


For people who go to the beach I pareo is the best choice for after the pool or the beach, take cover with the either by using it as a skirt or dress, it is comfortable and also very cool for this type of climate, seeks a sarong that you can use with the different colors of your perhaps black bikini for the neon and pastel and beige for the classic colors.


The shoes are indispensable accessories not only for practicality and necessity, if not for style and fashion. To combine your bikini with appropriate shoes , takes into account the occasion, the site where you are and if you’re going to walk a lot with them or they are just to see you cute using them.


Sandals are indispensable when you’re going to get wet or hot climate, there are different styles either the traditional plastic ones that work for you when you’re going to get wet, or the most elegant straps and decorations with which they can walk a bit more. Choose ones that harmonize with your bikini and accessories either to highlight or to complete your look.

High heels

High heels They will add a touch of elegance and glamour to any outfit, even to bikinis. One more cute shape to combine a bikini with high heels is using complete platforms, they are more comfortable to walk and there are many styles, combine them with your bag or hat and creates a different style wearing the same bikini.


If you plan to walk somewhere warm like the beach or pools, or if the weather is cold and you want to cover your feet more of what you would do with sandals, tennis are an excellent choice. Use some fabric, delicate and fine, that are not bulky or they call too much attention, remember that balance is the key.

Bikinis are swimsuits that all we like and it is very important to know which model is best, left with what accessories combine them and so take care of all the details. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel cute and comfortable if you use them.