Compression Leggings

I had already tested recently compression socks that we see more and more often to the feet (and legs) cyclists.

This time we spend in the upper range with textiles of compression/recovery for the entire leg, Full Leg of the Swiss brand Compressport. You guessed it, rather than to focus only on the calf, the F-Like Full Leg will work on the entire leg.

Of course, the price is in keeping with a public price of € 85. Compressport is already well known in the professional world as the team AG2R La Mondiale runners. I had also seen during the Tour de France several riders wear the Full Leg after steps.
Here is the test of these compression Leggings designed to speed up the recovery process.


More than a long speech, here’s a Visual Compressport which summarizes the contributions of the Full Leg.

Like all textiles of compression, it may be worn during outputs bike (but banned by the UCI). I have personally not tested this product while driving, only in its recovery mode.
The effort, the Full Leg would allow better elimination of toxins from the muscles, thus reducing the risk of cramps.

Compressport fabric also allows to optimize the exchange of heat and wick away moisture, helping to regulate the body temperature. It will just take guard washing which cannot be done by hand to keep all the properties of the textile industry in time.
But it can be simply washed in the shower after exercise and carried on in recovery mode.

For the choice of the size, don’t worry, just refer to this table.
A total of 7 sizes which should allow everyone to find slipper on her foot (Full Leg to his leg in this case).

Test in recovery mode

To put on the Full Leg F-Like, it’s like a sock… but worse 🙂 It is already difficult to wear a compression sock, but this is yet another case.
Advice, don’t do it by just after the shower, because the skin is still slightly damp and Full Leg glides a little less well. ten minutes after the shower, it’s already better.
But is not so easy. You’ll probably hurt in the arm after donning them, but once the call price, you get there.
As a pad, the Full Leg stops at the top of the thigh, just the eldest. Downstairs, the Full Leg will be set on the ankle to avoid that it was too high.

As soon as you wear the Full Leg, feels actually a squeeze on the entire leg. Slightly overwhelming at first, but got used to it quickly and you quickly forget them. So much so that find it me happen to wear for 6 hours now.

Side recovery, I’ve tested after good sessions on high and I got the next day again an exit without feeling pain in the muscles. From the first laps of pedals, feels legs fresh and capable of providing more effort.

Only downside found for myself, the heat generated by the port of the Full Leg. And Yes, as a pad, it keeps you warm. It may therefore be difficult to wear in the summer by high heat. But apart from that, it’s really impressive.
They can also replace leggings during the cool spring. Probably ideal to be able to extend its efforts a little more.

In conclusion

But the big win will be, in my opinion, rather to search for followers of cyclosportives couriers multiplying races within a week (or making the races in steps).
In all these cases, the gain in recovery will be undeniable. And for the stage races, will no doubt leave more charges the next day. So much so that I regret not having such products during my crossing of the Pyrenees.

Finally, the cyclosport working standing will be able to wear the next day of a big release to recover faster and avoid the pain.

Yes, with a public price of € 85, it is not specifically given. But it is sobering for runners and cyclists with usage since the Full Leg will also replace cheap leggings featured on Therefore appropriate to study this option in the case of a purchase of leggings, rather than turn to the classic leggings + recovery socks. For recovery with this product is even more impressive than of simple compression socks.