Confirmed: LG Emit Mobile with Firefox in 2013

LG emits in 2013 a mobile with Mozilla’s Firefox operating system to Spain and several South American countries.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer LG that have long used Google’s Android in their smartphones, is planning to launch a smartphone with Mozilla’s Firefox operating system.

LG will, according to The Wall Street Journal, introduce the phone in markets in Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela and Spain.

A female spokesman from LG, who spoke out about the story, though, was also quick to point out that the LG is by no means moving away from Android:

“LG’s planned launch of Firefox phones is a means to meet diversifying consumer needs-But this doesn’t indicate any shift away from Android”

LG is not the only cell producer, who plan to release smartphones with Firefox – Chinese ZTE are already on the market with ZTE Open running Firefox, and Huawei also has plans to make on the system, perhaps as early as the second quarter of 2013.