Cree Q5 LED Ultrafire Flashlight

Less than 5 € for an aluminum flashlight with a beam of white light, powerful and adjustable, small enough to disappear into the palm of your hand, very convenient … but the flashlight with Cree Q5 is often sold with data on lumen definitely unjustified. Penso that whoever sells the Cree Q5 LED 600lm Ultrafire hasn’t invented the wrong data, but receives them as well. In each case, it is to be discarded as a torch from 600lm, but it isn’t as a torch. That’s why I chose to review unit anyway.

Technical data of the flashlight Ultrafire Q5

  • Weight 95g (with battery).
  • 9.3cm long, 2cm and 2.5cm ⌀.
  • 600 lumen declared, about 130 lumens for one hour as likely (in some sites is given to 300lm, in other 210lm).
  • Powered by a battery stylus/AA.
  • Adjustable light beam.
  • 300/400 metres distance reached by the beam declared: unlikely.
  • Aluminum 6061T.
  • Clips to hang it on your belt or backpack.
  • White light.
  • LedXRE Cree Q5.
  • Push button, on the bottom.
  • Water resistant.



  • Price: less than 5 euro, free shipping.
  • Size really reduced.
  • Beam of white light and adjustable.
  • Weight content.
  • Power: 130 lumens (roughly) with only one stylus is a long time.
  • Aluminum Stem.
  • Clips to hang it up with GPS (see
  • One of the best led out there.


Data declared unlikely.


Cree Q5 Flashlight Ultrafire deserves a nice septum/otto as rating, if the data declared incorrect, but gets only a six out of ten because you cannot give a high rating to something that betray the expectations. I still bought it, I keep it and carry it often, even on the go. I consider it a good flashlight for all occasions, why I bothered to do much research and review unit anyway, I think it may be useful to you and so many other people.