Custom Wall Clocks

Its design is simple and, as the name suggests, classical: it consists of a circle of 12 pieces of Plexiglas 3 mm thick (the 4 main figures of the dial and 8 additional rooms for minutes) arranged around a central mechanism on which are fixed the needle.

Once mounted, you get a clock of 60 cm in diameter (the size that allows you to get the mounting template included with the room), you can, if you wish, decrease or increase (50 70 cm in diameter) if you are choosing to space or to bring a little more room.
We advise you not to go below 50 cm or over 70 cm because the size of the needles would be more in with the size of the clock, and you would get a result visually “unbalanced”.

But what is special about this custom clock, are the many possible combinations of shapes and colors that allow you to get in a few clicks a completely new clock and you will not find anywhere else!!!

You have a choice of no less than 26 different forms for the single central mechanism, with each of these forms 30 possible colors (29 + 1 Plexiglas brushed aluminum) or 780 possible combinations for the center of your clock.

This first choice adds 27 presentations different 4-digit clock, also declined on 30 colors: 810 combinations more! We’re already at 631,800 possible combinations!!!

Finally comes the selection of the last 8 pieces symbolizing minutes: 16 possible shapes and 30 colors to choose from: 480 additional combinations!

Here we are with 303,264,000 combinations of handmade wall clocks to choose from ANYLISTINTHEUS.

If one then adds the choice of the color of needles (black or silver) and the mechanism (standard or silent) we reach 1,213,056,000 possible combinations!!!!

All for a base price of 59 euros, including delivery: how not to find happiness with one of our classic clocks ???

You will find no problems the combination that will match your interior, thanks to the different forms available: The classic custom clock in all its forms:

  • The classic clock custom computer …
  • The customizable classic clock drinker (is) s tea
  • The classic version carbon clock

The installation of the clock is simple: you simply place the pieces on your wall using the template provided. The rooms are provided with an adhesive and are ready to be installed.
You only have to set the central mechanism using the provided nail, and your customized clock will dress your design and its unique touch wall.

This clock also exists in version XL (90 cm diameter) version that offers even more possible forms. We present it in a future article.