Cycling Tour Zottegem

Since ancient times, the great fair “Zottegem, which falls on Sunday after 15 August is celebrated exuberantly. From the surrounding municipalities leading down to the city center to celebrate the Harvest and the head Half is walking, especially on exhibition here Tuesday when the GP Stad Zottegem, formerly called Tistaertprijs challenged a cycling race for professional cyclists.


Zottegem has always been a bike town. The city once had two bike trails, and a variety of good cyclists. Over the last few decades has added an estimated course, with cobblestones in Paddestraat and Lippenhovenstraat crucial.
Probably Zottegemse the City Government organized the first Carnival Tuesday currency in 1933. It was a hit, and the next Half Harvest Fair held a professional cyclist race, currently on Sunday: the “great prize of the municipality of Sottegem and cigarettes Belga ‘, later the doctor Tistaertprijs.
Imposing honor roll

From the beginning could count Zottegemse game on an interesting list of participants. The next half century would not have otherwise. All great riders withdrew Egmont City foot straps on: Briek Schotte, Kamiel ‘ Boerken ‘ Beeckman, Pino Cerami, Arthur Herman Van Springel becouse they, José De Cauwer, Jan Raas, Eddy Merckx, Ferdi Van Den Haute, Walter Godefroot, French Verbeeck Roger De Vlaeminck, Michel Pollentier, Claude CRIQUELION, Eddy Planckaert, Sean Kelly, Lucien Van Impe, Ludo Peters, Rudy Pevenage, Johan Muss Century, Peter Van Petegem, Tom Steel , Eric Vanderaerden, Mario De Clercq, edwig van hooydonck,. ..

In the late 1980s, it was also of the organizers Zottegemse hard to get an affordable and attractive area participants simultaneously at startup. Zottegem still managed to keep their heads above water. In addition, in 1999 the new Board took very professional and knew “Tistaertprijs ‘ song is upgraded to a UCI-race class 1. The game was later upgraded to a prestigious 1.1.
Top sport in the carnival atmosphere

The “grand prix city of Zottegem ‘ is the only one who drives in an unadulterated kermesse atmosphere.Who have never experienced it, it is hard to imagine the atmosphere of this unique bike race. The tone is set by the fair movement since Friday evening explosion in the Centre of the city, with highlights on Saturday and Sunday and fireworks on Monday. Who thought Zottegem to finally have been party these Burgundians do not know, because everyone is already looking forward to Tuesday, the same day not to be missed. Early morning market vendors have their goods on display on the streets and while fair use and attractions shooting again moving bags of the first adherents to the Orion City. A true lover of the “Grand Prix city of Zottegem” sniff first Amusement Park air, drinking a pint or two/three and eat a hamburger or a hot dog, even before riders get their massages. The price is in fact only about 1:30 in the afternoon, the shooting started and the riders get pushed a large round at the wheel before the fun begins: the small rounds in a Zottegemse around the Center. Along the trail people sitting on their front door chatting a whole afternoon to sag when drivers come up. The downtown streets are on the heads, operated as riders spinning their umpteenth round. Omstreekt five times the gespurt of flowers, in the middle of a crowd and in the presence of all the prominent, City Government at the forefront …
“The Grand Prix city of Zottegem ‘ is not just a sporting event at a high level, the game really deserves a place in tourist events in the province of East Flanders. Nowhere to go professional sports and popular entertainment as much hand in hand.