Designer Modern Pendant Lighting

New Designer Hanging lamps & wall lamps, we have added to the range of design place and provide you with this item not only the lights themselves, but also their creators. Nyta is the name of the young light manufacturer that supplies of lovers of good design with elegant lamps and lamps from Karlsruhe. As we known, are always on the lookout for design lamps in European hands, which are characterized by quality, aesthetics and high utility value, we did not get past Nyta and charismatic designers Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller. Your handwriting is based on the model of classic Scandinavian design and can also be the basic principles of Bauhaus recognize. In our Berlin showroom you can currently the Designer Hanging Lamps Nyta Tilt and Tilt Globe Nyta can affect you. On our website, and especially with this paper, we give you more insight into the world of product Nyta.

Designer Modern Pendant Lighting

Nyta-Designer Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller

The beginnings of today’s successful designers of Nyta were classic product design. to Marmon and Müller learned at the Karlsruhe University of Design as students know and found to their common passion-the lighting design. The first collaboration took place under the name JJOO design and dedicated to the supply of services in the field of industrial design. With Nyta the Company Overview finally shifted to the lighting fixtures segment. All designer pendant lamps and wall lamps have since been fitted an unmistakable signature that matches the label Nyta. The aim of their work is the crafting of lamps and light objects with strong aesthetic appeal, that delight the eye and fit naturally into the daily lives of users.

Nytår Tilt Series: Form Follows Function

Light-one of the most important phenomena of our culture with which it is trying to take hanging lamp Tilt the Designer. To date, the nature of light is inexplicable, appears as diffuse something before our eyes and spreads inexorably in the atmosphere. The designers Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller of Nyta put the unbridled driving the light with its shapely design pendant lamp Tilt now at an end. The screen of the design lamp Tilt has not only light in his place, but also before its lighting direction. As a shell juts the metal shield on the light beams and opens this the way out. Soft and generous, the light output, which is sent there in wortwörtlichem below, where it is desired. Intuitively allows the phosphor screen along a long slit move in all directions and thus control the light. A self-fixing suspension made ​​of stainless steel, on the screen is connected to the light sources, makes this possible. Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller introduce yourself with the designer pendant lamp Tilt as true industrial designer. True to the motto: “Form Follows Function” they created with Nyta Tilt a light, very archaic hand must be applied to the, you want to realize their full potential.

Nytår Tilt: Leuchtenserie in Variantenvielfalt

Two forms takes the Designer pendant lamp Nyta tilt to it. The luminescent screen of the model Nyta Tilt represents a gently shaped cone, while the designer pendant lamp Tilt Globe captures a bulbous ball light to it to direct soon after in the desired destination. Even as a designer wall lights presents the series Nyta tilt in two variants. The wall lamp Nyta Tilt Wall cable has a cable connection, wherein the textile cord eight different color options is available.Who has on the wall in the living room electric connections, the wall luminaire can Nyta Tilt Wall attach directly to a room wall. Whether Designer hanging lamp or wall lamp, for all light screens of Nyta Tilt and Nyta Tilt Globe are three colors to choose from. With the available eight cable colors, designers can be suspended or wall lighting further tailored to your own taste and the residential facility. With the series Nyta Tilt Brass , the designers show hanging lamps in noble golden shape. From pure brass, these lighting fixtures, which is externally polished and brushed inside. The designer pendant lights are carried by a black fabric cable that flatter the elegant effect of these pendant lamps. As modern kitchen lights this designer assist Hanging Lamps of Nyta cooking, serve as bedroom lights the reading and take an innovative living room lamps lighting in every corner of the room.

Nytår Father: Leuchter Materialwunder

From a luminescent screen of 0.08 mm thin stainless steel, the lamps, the designer is surrounded suspended luminaires, which can be borne by a filigree suspension. The screen will appear semi-transparent, because microscopically fine perforation. Especially when not connected status of the designer pendant lights comes the almost weightless appearance to bear, the bulbs may seem attractive by. Varying hole spacing prevent any aperture and let the Designer Series pendant Nyta fade off effect almost opaque. In three elegant finishes the designer lamp Fade is available and if it is considered either in the natural color of the stainless steel, gold-plated or blackened. As the living room lights, and especially when dining lights , the classic forms of these designers are used hanging lamps.

Location And Lamps for Designer Hanging Lamps of Nyta

For several years, we may use the opportunity of energy efficient night lights in the bedroom from Localcollegeexplorer. The designer pendant lights Nyta Tilt, Tilt Globe and Fade are all equipped with E27 sockets. With these conventional sockets is optional for the user, whether have space classic lightbulb or energy-saving lamps in the form of halogen or LED in the pendant lamps.

Especially the textile cord of designer pendant lights want to be presented. The lighting fixtures are staged Perfect so if they depend far from the ceiling. In Duo or Trio pendant luminaires Nyta Tilt, Tilt Globe or Nyta fade to brighten long tables or individually show their beautiful colors as cable modern dining room lights. When Bedroom Lighting Living room lighting and these designers follow Hanging Lamps with the times when they depend so far that their luminescent screen is just above the bed, coffee or side tables to light. Even a monkey swing, situates on the long textile cable, the designer pendant lights from one location to another, the lights perfectly staged. Modern and unobtrusive home is embellished with the designer pendant lights of Nyta.