Detailed Account Hi Hi Fixed and Mobile

In times of internet in full swing and the provision of online services, cellular operators could not be left out. Offering immediate care services and free of charge, it is possible to remove the duplicate of your Bill, load the phone with credit, join the promotions and get a detailed account, link by link. The detailed invoice of the Mobile and Fixed phones Hi Hi can be viewed and printed from the Internet, without complications. The detailed invoice contains all calls made and received, as well as their schedules and the values charged. She serves for you check if the amount charged by the carrier is actually correct, to control the spending of users and also for any other intention.

For the detailed invoice Oi Fixo just enter the website of hi and register on the online service. It takes the social security number, phone number, the automatic debit code present in the making, a password, and personal email. Then just click “view detailed invoice”.

For the detailed invoice just enter the Mobile Hi my Hi and register with the number of Hi mobile, date of birth and social security number. Then simply request a detailed account of your mobile Hi.

Now that you are in possession of your detailed invoice Hi, understand some code that may be present in the account:

  • VC1-local connection of mobile to fixed
  • VC1M-local call from cell phone to cell phone
  • VC2-long-distance connection out of range within the primary area (01)
  • VC3-long-distance connection out of range outside the primary area
  • DSL1-offset out of range within the primary area (01)
  • DSL2-offset out of range outside the primary area
  • AD-additional call, fixed rate (the value varies according to the operator visited).