Duel: Xperia Z1 Against Iphone 5S

IOS and Android are clearly the main systems and those that today may be considered to be the leaders in respective team make up here. None of the phones is the revolutionary new, but both are the result of two producers work to constantly improve themselves.

Round 1: Materials & design

Sony Xperia Z1:

Sony has in recent years laid out a clear path and Xperia Z1 is actually the result of the long-term strategy, where the model-to-model been fine-tuned and improved. The combination of glass and metal make a did not disappoint and the finish of the details are almost in the same class as the Iphone, with the advantage that Sony and Android is much more open for additional functionality, which can be seen on the doors and connections on the phone’s edges.

Apple iPhone 5S

IPhone 5S is undoubtedly a mellanmodell. Apple has always updated their Iphone securely every two years and only modestly once every two years. IPhone 5S is such a modest update. This is not to say that the materials and design of high class. Apple’s Iphone 5S is not something that fast when you rub it on and buttons as well as the specifics of the design is well made and functional.

Round 2: screen

Sony Xperia Z1:

It began when they called Sony Ericsson but perhaps especially now utilizes Sony increasingly apparent expertise from its other business areas, and in this case displays, also in mobile phones. In addition to having a very high definition screen has a number of features to improve image quality and Furthermore, the screen much larger than that of the Iphone, which makes it easier to see the film or read longer texts on.

Apple iPhone 5S

When Apple launched its retina display on the Iphone 4 when it came out was the market leader, but a lot has happened since then. Technology is constantly advancing, and Apple has not developed its display at the same rate. The basic conditions are still the same, that the screen displays text and that you cannot see the individual pixels, but it is also the competitors reached.

Round 3: Apps

Sony Xperia Z1:

Sony sends with an Office productivity from the start and even some apps for social networks.

Google Play in their shop has the advantage of Android mobiles their apps to do far more than one app in the Iphone can do. You have thus far greater opportunities here to customize features of your phone to just your preference and expand with new features. To share content, for example, is much easier in an Android than the Iphone.

Apple iPhone 5S

Apple was not the first in the world to offer to install software on our phones, but they have undeniably shaped the market. The range of pre-installed apps on the Iphone are very lean, but with the Iphone, Apple Office suite offers his entire 5S as well as apps for video and photo editing, free for download. One advantage of the App Store is that many developers prioritize Ios for new launches, although it of course can change rapidly.

Round 4: Camera

Sony Xperia Z1:

When starting the camera of Xperia Z1 feels like a minor under in comparison with the pared-down Iphone experience. There are lots of possibilities for settings, but they are combined with moderation so that the most important functions are easily accessible and the rest are available only when you need them. The clearest advantage in addition to the settings is that Xperia Z1 can handle images in the dark without Flash something better than the Iphone.

Apple Iphone 5S:

The iPhone has always had a camera with very few options, so there’s not much to play with. “there is no physical camera button, but once you’re inside the camera goes volume button on the camera as well as a headset to use as a trigger in addition to button on the screen itself. The camera in the 5S have little news, but the two-tone photo lamp makes portrait pictures from Iphone 5S better than those from the Z1 because the skin tones are much more natural.

Round 5: user experience

Sony Xperia Z1:

Android is, of course, but beyond that, and make manufacturers a lot to adjust and refine. Sony shines above all with its camera features and extended accessory stall. Like the Iphone now has proper 4 g support, there is of course also in the Z1 and the water resistance as Xperia Z1 offers makes it superior to the Iphone on that particular point.

Apple iPhone 5S:

In the Iphone operating system Ios 7 5S called and are largely updated from previous versions with a new interface that is more minimalist. In the control Apple over most which is positive because it means that they have full control over the user experience and can make it appealing and consistent, but on the minus side, there’s the big limitations if you want to make something that Apple doesn’t allow.

It is mainly the water resistance, the screen and the possibility of personal customizations that makes Sony’s flagship takes home the victory. Although none of the phones are any revolution shows Xperia Z1 most technological advances that we users can really benefit from.