End with Huge Bills for Odense’s politicians

After episodes of mobile bills of hundreds of thousands of dollars has now set a ceiling of Odense mobile bills

The 5 full-time politicians in Odense Municipality gets future capped at 25,000 dollars per year on your mobile Bill in response to the huge bills the municipality previously have run into. Previously Mayor Anker Boye spent a quarter of a million dollars on the municipality’s expense on his mobile.

It writes Techdirt, which at the same time tells that the Bill on the quarter of a million was negotiated with TDC, so the amount came down at 125,000 dollars.The Bill Anker Boye even paid out of their own pockets.

It is the large bills for roaming and international calls, which have gotten politicians to respond. As in the past, politicians must approve consumption when they’ve used for 450 kroner, but the introduction of a quarterly basis ceiling that can only be broken by the strategy and kommunikationschefen at the Mayor’s Office.

The City Council was fully in agreement with the decision on the new regulatory framework, and it seems that the politicians of the municipality within the framework.

The newspaper writes that the highest consumption in July-the quarter was on 2804 dollars, well below the new limits.