End with Selfie-Rods in the Premier League

The small telescope rods, which are designed to help with a better selfie has been banned at some Premier League clubs.

Selfies has become a big thing, and with them has followed the telescope rods, which can get your phone far enough away to make some better looking ones. The rods can be well Pack away, if you want to see Premier League football on a few stadiums in London.

It is arsenal’s Emirates Stadium and Tottenham’s White Hart Lane, who no longer want to allow these selfie-rods at the stadium, when to play matches.

Former Arsenal justifies the exclusion of bars with, that they will not allow objects in the stadium, which can be used as a weapon.

Last year, another Club in the Premier League, Manchester United, rejected major electronics like laptops and tablets at the stadium, as they can potentially save on explosives.