Expensive Update Gear S2

The Samsung gear S3 is a successful update of its predecessor with noble materials and better battery. Now the Smart watch novelty today should be to have – but for a proud price.
The Korean manufacturer showed his new Smart watch Samsung gear S3 in early September at the IFA 2016. There are also two models actually as in the previous year: the Samsung gear S3 frontier and the Samsung gear S3 classic via JIBIn123. Hereafter, we reveal where the differences are and how the Smart watch by the predecessor delimits itself,. So much advance: Both versions offer the unidirectional bezel, come even from November 18 in the trade and each saddle 450 euro cost. Thus, the gear S3 is also significantly more expensive than its predecessor, yet. CHIP shows what added value offers the new Smart watch.

Samsung gear S3: Now with more battery, always on display, and handwriting recognition

Even though the Samsung gear S2 in the test with their battery quite long endured had, Samsung again puts hand on the successor. The Samsung gear S3 frontier as well as the gear S3 classic offer now a 380 mAh big power cell. Samsung indicates that the clock thus should hold out for about four days. We are curious to see whether we can verify this in the test.
Also the display is new. Of course it’s back around, but it is grown also minimal: instead of 1,2 inch diameter, it now measures 1.3 inches (3.3 centimeters). The resolution of the OLED screen has remained the same with 360 x 360 pixel, the pixel density is 278 ppi. Also the watch glass is new: first comes the Gorilla glass SR + to use, what should provide a higher protection from scratches. In addition, Samsung integrated an always-technique on, so that the time can be displayed permanently without having them big sucking on the battery.
The complete case is waterproof to IP68 standard. The wristbands correspond to the standard 22 mm standard and can be exchanged freely. Also, the new handwriting recognition input method is interesting. You simply draw words or smileys converts your input into text or emoticons on the display and the clock. Calls can be accepted now also without touching the display. Thanks to the built-in speaker hear your conversation partner directly with the clock and can confidently let the Smartphone in the backpack, handbag or Pocket.

Samsung gear S3: Differences between S3 frontier & S3 classic

Technically both hardly are different model. The frontier version features an A-GPS sensor for faster location determination, the classic version comes with a normal GPS chip. In both cases, you need no mobile phone more to record by biking or hiking. In case of emergency, the clock can also automatically send your location to friends and acquaintances.
It is at the end but rather the look from each other bordering both models. The frontier variant comes with a slightly pronounced outdoor look and silicone bracelet. The classic version is clearly filigree according to Samsung and is a reminder on a classic chronograph. Both very well liked in the hands-on.
Overall, the gear S3 is so an optical Improvement of the predecessor, using the one or other new feature. We are excited to see whether Samsung’s promises to the battery in the test are also true. If so, the gear S3 could outdo its predecessor in the leaderboard at the top landing.

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