Facebook: the Smart Phone Is a Mass Medium

Ads are filling the entire smartphone screen makes the phone into a mass medium on par with TV, says Facebook engineer.

Facebook Home, the version of Facebook, that changes the whole user interface on the phone, to be guided by the great social media is helping to make smartphones more interesting to advertisers. It writes our site.

The large full-screen display of friend-updates can also be used to send full-screen advertising in addition to the users, which are expected to happen a little further out of the timeline.

Sheryl Sandberg is chief operating officer of Facebook, and sits just below the founder Mark Zuckerberg. She says that the mobile platform is becoming a more important marketing engine than TV is.

-“The size of the audience makes the phone into a mass medium that is as important as TV,” said Sheryl Sandberg, at an event Monday at Facebook’s headquarters.

On the question of whether she was concerned about whether we could get to send too many advertisements out to the users, “she replied.

-“Our goal is not to increase the number of advertisements you receive, but to increase the usefulness of the ads”.