Fashion Eighties

Strong colors, shapes and geometric volumes. By Madonna look to the catwalks of yesterday and today. Real must for the season, the watchword is to dare, always.

Eighties fashion is known for his excesses, his extravagance in terms of particular combinations and colors super bright. Not to mention exaggeration of an almost excessive luxury. These are the years of the successful race in which woman acquires more and more importance and independence goals that expresses itself in many different ways: from the light-hearted style of the Madonna of “Like a Virgin”, that certainly more sober of the working woman.

To dare: that is the watchword!

In those years both the clothes that the accessories were worn with ostentatious security.The jackets were oversized, worn with thick straps and the blazer, the leader par excellence, worn with jeans waist high strictly Levi’s 501. The undisputed stars were then the floral print leggings (today called jeans jeggings), fluorescent colors or prints that could be stripes, polka dots and lame.The skirts were actually flounced lace or tulle-often paired with leggings to the knee-short and wide with multiple layers, even in this case, they played with exaggerated fantasies both of colors and finishings. The t-shirt, white color worn with portrayals of all kinds, were usually oversized and had to fall soft leggings.

Even the accessories were a reminder to exaggeration, where the jewelry overlapped meaningless. Grosse golden necklaces, for example, were taken with a metal hoop earrings combined with pearls and bracelets of any shape and size; the life belts were usually high black leather with huge buckles or sashes maxi tightened at the waist; sunglasses giants with geometric detail and multi color. The eyewear trend par excellence? The Ray-Ban drip with silver or gold thin frame. As for the bags, the rage were flat and rectangular clutch bag with chains bring to a shoulder or by hand, depending on your taste.

Colors and fantasy prints were another key element of these years: from the neon sequins, from textiles to paintings in oversized shirts with polka dots and floral fantasies brought on leggings and T-shirts.

Make-up and hairstyles

Decade of excesses including with regard to hair and makeup. Over the years octants make-up had to be exaggerated in both colors in combinations of absurd fuchsia eye shadow, green and blue, with lips outlined by the contour of a pencil and filled with bright red lipstick. With regard to hair, the volume was the must for excellence, from cotonature and permanent. Bushy hair were then embellished with eccentric and exaggerated bows, big bands, headbands and barrettes.

From street style to the catwalk Madonna maison

Source of inspiration for any generation was Madonna, a true icon of fashion eighties. The style of the singer was distinguished by a tendency to bring tights with holes in them combined with miniskirts with perforated mesh; and even leggings, jewels aplenty, lace headbands, and an exaggerated trick that was all mixed together with that saucy.

But fashion 80 years is not only the eccentric look of Madonna. It is also that of the career woman. Woman finally gained power and competes with the man to have his own personal business success. A woman who wears suits with big shoulders and long skirts to the knee.A feminine and elegant woman, bon ton but almost always excessive in details and forms.This figure can be matched to the phenomenon Yuppie , acronym for Young Urban Professional . Prancing and ambitious, the yuppie often worked in finance, attending chic environments and dressed Italian, especially Arman i and Versace. Their motto? Dress for Success.

Not that lacked extremely sporty looks and casual, with garments that were often borrowed from the wardrobe of some tennis or dancing. Legwarmers, trainers, tracksuits, sweatshirts and hair bands were all garments combined with Heads of everyday clothing. The SCALDAMUSCOLO, then, could be worn over the shoe with the heel. However the preferred footwear remain the sneakers of brands such as Adidas, Reebok and Superga.

The eighties are a focal point in the history of fashion because they are years of great changes, where money and success lead to an evolution creating an excessive style that wants to somehow cause and flaunt, thus strengthening the figure of the woman.

The eighties in today’s fashion

To date we often find references to the catwalk these years as in the season autumn-winter 2013/2014.

For the occasion, Balmain has paraded a woman silhouette from the eighties with very pronounced shoulders and high waist pants tight by thick belts from black, with gold and silver jackets worn with flared sleeves on her elbows and narrow towards the wrists. Parade complete compound from structured blazer with big V-necklines and high-waisted trousers with crystal decorations and sequins. The colors are pink access, a metallic emerald green, gold and silver. It is a chic and sophisticated woman but overly luxurious, just like that of the eighties.

If Balmain does pull a super rich woman of collection Stella McCartney is an oversized blazers triumph. Pinstriped parade with big shoulders, coats with gray colors to the tartan look and adds some sporty details like hooded jackets or baseball caps. Elements and details typical of those years.

Other designers such as Max Mara with its oversized camel colored coats worn with sweatshirts and sweatpants. Like Versace, with more aggressive look that take us in some way back in time and make us understand that the eighties are coming back and if you have to start dressing like that this winter, next spring and summer will be a real must of season.